Health: brain with ‘ controller ‘ for the calculation of the calories.

Rome, Oct. 21 (Reuters Health)-the brain is naturally equipped with a ‘ controller ‘ to calculate the calories of food processing nutritional data, according to a study based on MRI images. The research, carried out by a team led by Alain Dagher Montreal Neurological Institute, is published in Psychological Science. The scholars presented 29 volunteers pictures of fifty different foods, known by all participants. And asked them to rank them on a scale with 20 ‘ steps ‘, depending on the desire to eat them. And to estimate the caloric content. All were subsequently invited to bid in cash for each food, in order to better assess the urge to eat it. It turned out that even when caloric estimates were accurate, not everyone was willing to spend more on food at higher caloric content. The volunteers were then subjected to brain MRI and remembered the pictures of different foods. It is detected as an intense brain activity in areas of the prefrontal cortex (associated with the stimulation of taste) which, surprisingly, was proportional to the caloric content of the food. Other MRI, done as the volunteers were committed to classify foods, showed a greater intensity of brain activity, this time proportional to the level of insulin, the hormone that filters the sensations caused by various foods. Our study tried to determine-explains Dagher-how does the calorie consciousness affects areas of the brain involved in assessment of nutrition. So we discovered that, in fact, brain activity is assessed is the calorie. . Additional information can be read reading weblink.

Dear Minister, first of all I would like to thank you for presenting the draft budget plan (Draft budgetary Plan, Dbp) for 2015, which we received on 15 October and 16 October the additional tables. I am also grateful for the letter that accompanied the Dbp and which clearly indicates that the strategy of Italy’s budget should be considered in the context of the overall agenda for structural reforms. ‘ ‘ Compared to the stability programme of 2014, the Dbp of Italy postpones the attainment of medium-term objective (Mto) in 2017 and slows the reduction of the debt ratio in the coming years. As a result, the draft budget plan plan to violate the requirements of the Italy in the preventive arm of the stability and Growth Pact. ” According to our preliminary analysis-based on the recalculation by the Commission services using the commonly agreed methodology-the program a significant deviation Italy by way of adjustment request towards its medium-term targets in 2015, based on the scheduled change of structural balance. Furthermore, the planned change in the structural balance for 2015 would also fail the change required to ensure adherence to transitional rules on debt, since this requirement is even more stringent adjustment request road towards medium-term objectives. Meanwhile, writes in the letter to Katainen Padoan, have already taken place further exchanges of information between its services and the Commission, and then, in line with EU rules 2-pack, I am writing to consult it on the reasons why the Italy program non-compliance with the Stability Pact in 2015. I would also like to know how Italy could ensure full compliance with his obligations under the budgetary stability pact for 2015. The Commission concludes the letter by a page-intends to continue a constructive dialogue with Italy with the intention of arriving at a final assessment. I’d like to be made part of his point of view as soon as possible and hopefully by October 24. This would allow the Commission to consider the views of Italy in the continuation of the procedure. . Inspirational source may be found reading this

Are animals like other men?

In October 2013, at the initiative of the 30 million friends Foundation seemed the "manifesto 24 intellectuals" to change the legal status of the animal in the french right, then referred to as chattel. A few months later, in April of the following year, the civil code endorsed as "be living with sensitivity. At the time, associations and the ecologists elect greeted this timid evolution, while calling for a revolution of the status of the animal. The French version of "should we eat animals?" American writer Jonathan Safran Foer and "No. Steak" journalist Aymeric Caron occupied the front of the stage. A year has passed since then, and the movement takes off with the simultaneous publication of several books calling for respect to the animal and its well-being. Very media Franz-Olivier Giesbert publishes "the animal is a person," though he co-signed a ‘manifest for animals’ with a few personalities in vogue which include Boris Cyrulnik, Michel Onfray, or Jean-Didier Vincent. At the same time, the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard reveals its ‘advocacy for animals", a title that echoes his best-selling book on the importance of human relationships of course:"plea for altruism. Today more than ever, the animal is at the centre of human concerns. A bear fugue and a Minister imagines he could be ‘murdered ‘. A kitten is abused, its author was sentenced to a year in prison. Bovine animals or of birds are slaughtered for health reasons and it screams murder. Copenhagen zoo stings a giraffe because of a risk of inbreeding and is the planetary offuscation, petitions flock, there is talk of euthanasia. The more militant compare shamelessly torture carried out on animals in those camps of death, when they are not fighting against prostitution of female orangutan in Borneo. Expenditures for luxury dog explode, just like the prescription of prozac for animal treatment. The influence of Darwinism is amplified, the struggle for the civil and political rights of our four-legged friends collects more in addition to supporters, meat industry became the target to shoot down. There is a true and a false way to love animals. The false is exclusive, the true inclusive. We can celebrate the humanity of humans taking into consideration the respect due to the animal. Saint Francis of Assisi himself did not make this dignity stolen from the poor even as it surrounded an attention the animal creation? But it is more difficult to imagine celebrating humanity of the animal while considering the respect due to the human. However this is perpetrated activists – as we know them – the animal cause: destroy "human humanism" to claim the "animal humanism". reverse the burden that we owe to our neighbor to the reporter on the animal, which incidentally, will be never able to barbarism. Is it particularly disturbing to note that claims of a humanization of animals are always stronger, that intensified the commodification of the human person? Is it not surprising to discover that the hyper-ecologie and hyper-technologie – two currents that could believe enemy – wear of the same term to achieve their end? The two speak more human but the ‘alive ‘. The first wants to win at the animal that the second wants to lose to the man. And so to avoid the animal research, it uses the human embryo; one gun boats to defend whales when the massacres are continuing in the Middle East with indifference; that it advocates – reason-the prohibition of genetic on the plant manipulation when it multiplies them on human beings; that biologist Jean – Didier Vincent did not hesitate to claim rights to animals calling trisomics of poison in a family. It is thus also in 1933 and in 1935, Hitler’s regime enacted two laws which, for the first time, recognized the animal to its intrinsic value to ‘be natural’, with rights "by itself", regardless of gender. . You should check this info to discover extra on this great subject.

President Max Planck Institute: “Germany has not worked on the financial crisis”.

Hellwig, President of the Max Planck Institute for research on collective goods, Bonn, is one of the most prominent economists in Germany. Together with his American Fachkollegin Anat Admati, he has written a spectacular book "Banker’s new clothes", in which the authors argue for a substantially higher capital adequacy of banks. Consequently, Hellwig criticized the current capital requirements on banks as insufficient in a lecture at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Generally Hellwig was very dissatisfied with the perception of the financial crisis. In Germany, but elsewhere the crisis had not been processed. The Economist criticised too tight linkages between the banks and the policy. The banks could no longer remember that there had been a crisis, and the policy have an interest to banks, which are abundantly supplied with cheap money. In General, Hellwig noted an increasing power of creditors against the policy, which would lead to the overthrow of the liability principle: is the "bail-out" Greece of the policy not least to protect of German and French banks operate in a way been. According to Hamilton, the media and the science in an effort to provide a proper examination of the crisis have failed. The regulation of the past years considered in parts Hellwig inadequate and in parts as outlandish. The Economist especially in the regulation of international operating banks recognizes large deficits, operate the business in different jurisdictions. The German financial supervisory authority BaFin called "European champion in the fence a" Hellwig. He recalled that the BaFin had prohibited the German subsidiary of the Italian UniCredit Bank during the crisis to provide the parent company equity. Including declaring Cypriot banks with total assets of 10 billion euros as system relevant for Hellwig is absurd. . For extra insights on this topic check homepage.

The France intensifies the fight antidjihadiste to northern Mali.

Strong safe degradation in northern Mali led France to react, to support its partners in combating antidjihadiste, in the first place the UN Mission in Mali (Minusma) and the Malian army. The beaten flat seam in Kidal, in the East, last may, has deserted the area. The Minusma is strong of more than 9,000 men. But this contingent is deployed for only 22 per cent North of the Niger River and its mobility remains low. Faults that resulted to revive the operations of harassing of the jihadist groups. The Minusma lost 21 men since the end of August Р11 Chadians, 9 Nigerians and a Senegalese-, victims of explosive devices (IED), firing rockets or direct attacks. In the area between Tessalit and Aguelhoc (in the northeast of the country), which deployed some 400 Chadians, not less than seven attacks occurred in September. A detachment of liaison and support (DLAO), or 35 to 40 french soldiers, thus was seconded to Tessalit to help Chadians in the fight against explosive devices and strengthen the protection of their camp. Engineering specialists, including deminers passed through Cambodia, will be sent in reinforcements. According to a good source, some 200 jihadists total s̩viraient in the box, whose few leaders, which retreated in the Libyan southern. "Stability in northern Mali pass by blows to the jihadists and a political settlement", which is based on the ongoing negotiations in Algiers between Malian Government and six armed movements in the North, notes another source in the Ministry. The current period is considered to be sensitive, some groups may be tempted to use violence to derail the negotiations or to position itself to an agreement. The challenge is to "tap" the "disruptive" elements (affiliated to AQIM, Iyad al-Ghali or El Morabitoun), without radicalizing others. . Main source can be studied reading the following home page.

Cinema: good start for “Magic in the Moonlight”, the last Woody Allen.

While "Magic in the Moonlight" has failed in the United States, Woody Allen can count on the loyalty of the french public. His new film with Colin Firth and Emma Stone totalled Wednesday 50 780 entries in France on 305 copies, including 21 033 in Paris and its outskirts. A very good start for this romantic comedy of the American filmmaker, comparable to the score of "Jasmine Blue" last year which had recorded 51 537 entries on (301 copies). This previous film by Woody Allen had finished his career to nearly a million and a half spectators in France also, it is "The Grimoire of Arkandias", a film intended as a priority to children, and with Christian Clavier starring (returning to the big screen after the cardboard of "what is was God?"), who arrived at the top of the box office of the film novelties totalling 57 699 entries (415 rooms). It has beaten "Fury", the war film by David Ayer with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman, 51 932 spectators (415 rooms) and «You stepped on Bangkok», comedy adventures with Kad Merad, Alice Taglioni and Gérard Jugnot, 40 223 (412). Finally, ‘bands of girls’ Céline Sciamma brought together 25 146 viewers in 153 theaters. . You can click this to read extra about this interesting matter.

Health in menopausal women: the desire for Italian on 10 4.

Do not live lamenopausa as a disease but as a phase that causes major changes in women’s lives (51 percent), which however we can prepare (50 percent). Informed about the subject themselves but would like to receive more support for living it to the fullest. Osteoporosis (60 percent), flushing (58%) and weight gain (50%) as the most feared effects, while among the most frequent problems include difficulty in intimate life, mainly related to the decrease of desire (38%) and vaginal problems such as dryness or irritation (28 percent). ginecologofonte for the 54% of Italian respondents live campionele menopause with big naturalitàfra women who are entering: 1 on 2 would be followed according to the survey, 46% of the surveyed States to possess a high level of knowledge on the subject and the main information channels are the health figures, in particular,. For women who are already in menopause has very direct experience (over 70%), while those who are still far more relies on other people’s experience (66%) and to information promoted by the media (35 percent). Overall, we can say that; However, concern is growing in order to cope in a more proper to this new stage of life. There are many useful behaviors recognized: proper nutrition (46%) regular checks (46 percent), regular physical activity (41%) take supplements (35 percent) ecifici sp: as a matter of fact, however, only part of these measures is put into practice and 1 woman out of 4 claims to do/have done nothing whatsoever to prepare to cope better with menopause. Francesca Merzagora "based on the findings from our research, what bothers most menopausal women are its consequences on bone health, along with hot flashes, followed by the impact on body weight," says President of o. n. From.  "Among the surveyed who already are experiencing this phase, about 3 to 4 relate to have met problems in intimate sphere but the 30% of them did not speak with anyone and, as a result of these difficulties, were forced to give up or limit the sex life. Overall, menopause is considered a moment of life that you can prepare in order to deal with it better. There are women who are going to put in place, more than other, preventive behaviour, linked to a proper lifestyle and taking supplements. What the surveyed report need, or which would av uto need to cope in a better way the menopausal period is greater awareness on prevention, integrated with supporting activities and initiatives. Just to be able to be of help to these women, or no. He wanted to put at their disposal a specific brochure ". Obstetrics and Gynecology Nappilinica Hossain of San Matteo di Pavia BUILDING FEATURES a "results of the survey, says the Professor of Cdimostrano as the topic of menopause is important with a view to preventive medicine that aims to help the woman in a moment of natural passage, which however can result in debilitating symptoms for quality of life and the appearance of factors of risk to health. The figure of the gynecologist and general practitioner is central to fostering a 360 degrees approach, which takes account of the individual profile of the woman and her lived. For many women the menopause is a delicate moment in the intimate sphere and, to that effect, the gynaecologist is the most appropriate figure to discuss sexuality issues, which are often hushed up for embarrassment or resignation.  It is, in fact, easier to talk about hot flashes, increased p eso or the risk of osteoporosis. Get prepared to menopause seems fundamental, to have an active attitude. The doctor-patient relationship based on listening to and understanding of small and large problems is the cornerstone of a therapeutic customization path for the welfare of women, taking into account the risk factors, lifestyle and expectations of health ". . You can click this fact to learn more on this interesting subject.

ELSA Zylberstein: Fiction is sometimes more enviable than reality.

Righteousness, loyalty, and many other qualities such as the meaning of work and rigour. At home, we always saw the glass half full. My father, physicist, I mainly inherited the pragmatic character. My mother always says that everything that happens is for the better. This motto has given me much strength. My parents are very pure, gifted for the kindness and loyalty to others. I think their duty as this.   Splendor in the Grass [the splendor in the grass, 1961], the film by Elia Kazan where she interpreted a young woman interned in Puritan America of the 1950s, is one of my favorite movies. I thought not specifically back into the theater, but by reading the text of the writer Géraldine Maillet, who traces his journey and his tragic fate, I felt that I couldn’t escape! I love the story of Natalie Wood, its faults, his injuries, his doubts. Fiction is sometimes more enviable than reality.   . You must click this to read extra regarding this great matter.

The Council of State refused passage free of LCI.

Better, he asked TF1 do not touch LCI until it decides on the bottom, what will be done in the first months of 2015. The Council of State considers ‘that no legal constraint imposes on LCI to cease trading or transform it deeply to this horizon. That the serious financial difficulties of LCI are ancient and its deficit would, anyway, was further increased, in the short term by a passage in the free. And finally, we can seriously think that only a final decision of the Council of State could give the chain the necessary legal certainty to the implementation of a new distribution strategy. However, contracts for dissemination of the pay with CanalSat news channel and Internet access providers stop late 2014. The question now will be whether with what resources, the chain will operate between 1 January 2015 and the decision on the merits of the State Council. TF1 will therefore have to resume negotiations with the Group Canal + and telcos to at least extend a few months distribution. But TF1 will also have to reconsider the redemption or approximation offers which he has received. The trio Berge, Niel and Pigasse, shareholders of the world, recently referred to the direction of TF1 the same letter of intent than that they had made in mid-July. This letter mentions neither the price nor the conditions of return. Meanwhile, Marc Feuillée, Director-general of the Figaro group said the Colloquy of postal code, that there was more contact between TF1 and Le Figaro pending the decision of the Council of State. The Figaro remains open to any discussion of partnership. . Related facts can be inspected checking

Basic optimism in Alpine new beginning.

For years, the three-time Olympic gold medalist was thanks to their achievements and charisma, often in the first place. After her retirement, is the 29-year-old travel but only still at their former fighters as a TV expert behind and can even examine what other German hopes of the new institutions to the Federal coach Mathias Berthold (men) and Markus Anwander (women) get out. Title – winning driver there and before the World Cup opener in Sölden at the weekend Viktoria Rebensburg and Felix Neureuther still – even if his World Cup winner just posted will miss the first giant slalom. We are not quite as bright as it looked like at first sight after last season. I’m going in with a basic optimism in the new season, said Wolfgang Maier, Alpine Director of the German Ski Association (DSV). At least a podium place should jump out on the Rettenbach Glacier in Sölden. The accession of two new Federal instructors reinforces the impression of a break. Berthold, a candidate of the Austrian Ski Federation returned to the DSV. The 49-year-old supposed to do fit the men’s team for the speed disciplines. There are as well as not top-5 results there in the past few years, the last victory in the downhill is ten years old in December. Baker target despite everything: in four years at the Olympic Games in South Korea to take the men’s team in every discipline to medals. The Alpine boss for arrival wanders has studied protégés a two-year plan for women; no later than the 2016/17 season Höfl Rieschs resignation then also of the top here should be compensated. In this, as well as in the next season we will give the necessary time young women to develop in the world, said Maier. Our goal is that we’re back in two years with the women’s team in the world. Right for the season opener, three more top-10 finishes here should in addition to a place on the podium. At the season climax, the World Championships in North America in February, wants the Association medals snag then next year three – preferably one in the women, one for men, one in the team area. In the World Cup, Rebensburg (giant slalom) and Neureuther (slalom) have most likely views day successes and the small crystal globe of the best in each discipline. In terms of speed, however, also the future ARD expert Höfl Riesch detects problems. In the downhill team is unfortunately very thin. Since hardly anyone in appearance came in recent years except for me. Maybe Vicky there can take a step forward, she said the sport Bild. No German may intervene in the battle for the overall World Cup well, other nations are more powerful. Marcel Hirscher stands out for the powerful Austrians, his most prominent opponent called Alexis Pinturault (France) and Ted Ligety (United States). The women all waiting banned the return of Lindsey Vonn, who want to early December in Lake Louise her comeback. Favorites include defending champion Anna Fenninger (Austria) or Lara but rather gut (Switzerland). . Additional information can be read checking