Shazam surpasses 100 million users and is among the great of the Web.

For the few who still do not know, Shazam is a app that can recognize the songs, and provide information, through the smartphone’s microphone. Now the popular service has passed a prestigious milestone: the 100 million users and half a billion downloads. Seeing its success, there are many companies who have decided to invest on Shazam that now points to the listing on the stock exchange. Shazam enters in the Group of internet companies with large user bases: part of Facebook (1.3 mln), Twitter (271 million monthly active users) and WhatsApp (500 million). The application launched in 2002 was one of the pioneers of digital music services along with iTunes. According to a rumor published in may by the Wall Street Journal, are investing in Shazam, despite the crisis, several record labels, from Sony Music to Warner Music and Universal Music. Each would buy shares, by a single investor, for three million dollars. And also rumors of an agreement for a label of new artists discovered using Shazam. The application has received in the past 40 million dollars by the Mexican Tycoon Carlos Slim. I am confident that Shazam will be able to get listed on the stock exchange in the next few years because it has a strong brand, a user base and a business model, said in an interview with Forbes Rich Riley, Managing Director of the company since April 2013. . For extended information about this matter check source.

Ukraine: the first trucks from the convoy of humanitarian aid reached the city of Luhansk.

A few minutes after the announcement, an AFP photographer saw a dozen white truck to shake and cross the border. They moved to the Ukrainian customs, transit area. The first trucks from the convoy were inspected Thursday by border guards and Ukrainian customs, a procedure necessary to enable the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) then route and distribute aid. Lugansk, one of the last two bastions of the pro-Russian separatists in the East of the Ukraine, is about 70 km of the border through which pass roughly 260 Russian trucks. The Ukrainian Government and its Western allies fear that this humanitarian convoy left Moscow on 12 August used cover deliveries of military equipment destined for the separatists. Kiev warned that routing aid only would be with "guarantees" for his safety. Moscow believes that "all the necessary safeguards were data" and that "the route" for the convoy had been "verified" by the ICRC. . You must click the following fact to learn extra regarding this interesting subject.

Small used electronic products must be resumed without obligation to purchase.

Distributors who sell electrical and electronic products (computers, telephones, refrigerators, etc,.) will be now forced to resume for free and without obligation to purchase small electrical equipment used by consumers, according to a decree published Friday in the Official Journal. According to article 4 of this Decree, which amends the code of the environment by transposing a directive European 2012, this obligation concerns stores equipped with a surface of more than 400 m2 dedicated to the sale of electrical and electronic equipment, or specialty stores and some signs of large-scale distribution. The products concerned are the equipment whose dimensions are less than 25 cm. It therefore concerns including mobile phones, tablets, toasters, electric kettles, small toys, etc. . The conditions in which this free recovery will be will be specified later by an order. Finally, Decree framed more strictly the transfer abroad of electrical and electronic equipment to avoid that waste before treatment are exported to a third country. Overall, the decree aims to provide better guidance on the management of electrical and electronic waste, and to improve the treatment and recycling. Root facts can be read checking the following page.

Rock en Seine, a beautiful staging.

Rock en Seine never does anything like the others. Since 2003, the mad team of Saint-Cloud, near Paris, makes a point of honour to be there where you don’t expect it. That those who do not like surprises refrain: artists who have monopolized the summer festivals will be absent. Neither Fawn, Stromae, nor Vanessa Paradis. Detroit, superstar of the Arras Main Square 2014, is not showing either. Rock en Seine, provide balanced programming is not a trifling matter. The challenge is to come from the stars, which will contribute to the sale of the 100. 000 entries necessary for satisfactory revenues while ensuring that they do not overwrite the other and do not interfere with the discovery of young artists or confidential groups intended to remain. This year again, the skilful mix between profitability and new content seems successful. There are a few of the Anglo-Saxon scene, as Lana Del Rey, in which programmers know recognize a huge singer beyond its commercial success. Stainless Blondie, but also Queens of the Stone Age, invited for the third time, will be present. They represent the surety ‘rock à l’ancienne’ of the 2014 edition. This role could be held by singers as diverse as Sonic Youth, Pixies and Morrissey, the former lead singer of The Smiths. Furthermore, the audience of Rock en Seine loves find old friends. The pop band English Arctic Monkeysrevient after being invited in 2011. An another regular, François and the Atlas Mountains, will occur Saturday. Trentemøller, somewhat depressive Danish DJ, will also be on stage for the second time. A few depressing, why not agreements. Programmers have well invited several times Archive, the trip – hop group British whose first album Londinium rocked the dark thoughts of adolescents in the 1990s. Not to mention Sigur Ros, Ethereal electro UFO arrived from Iceland with its voice and its long sound beaches who feel the North. The only area in which Rock en Seine did not Excel this year, it is the distribution of its famous headliners. The friendly Arctic Monkeys deserved the stage late in the evening? With a musical universe as classic, they would have perhaps found their place in random small groups parade afternoon. In the evening, the stage should be reserved for artists of unparalleled creativity, able to deliver a true spectacle. Becken 2006 is remembered or Arcade Fire in 2010, when rain had interrupted the concert and gave birth to a song in acoustic resume in chorus by the public. One of the finest moments in the history of the festival. Christophe DAVY. -Rock en Seine is an Anglo-Saxon sensitivity event. We are not a festival of songs, hip-hop or Electronica, even if we make forays into these areas, which is possible thanks to the multiplication of the scenes. We had two in 2003, they are five today. The golden rule: heads of Anglo-Saxon poster and in a rock universe. After, it is prevents nothing. Our audience is mostly French. We didn’t propose artists that people can see the whole of Paris! This is the big difference with the festivals in the region. Stromae and Detroit have artistic qualities, but the first will play at Bercy this fall and the second was at la Cigale in June. Fawn, were with us last year. You saw them everywhere this summer. . Inspirational data may be read reading the following page.

Polio: A potential breakthrough in the fight against polio.

A syringe, polio or better a vaccine – that was the question so far. Now there’s an answer that may be: both. At least the a study of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the journal Science suggests. The combination of two vaccines Salk and Sabin polio could help to eradicate the causative agent of the disease all over the world finally. A team of researchers to Hamid Jafari of the India national polio surveillance project WHO examined the interplay of the two substances in total 990 children aged from six months to ten years from North India. Polio is the colloquial name for poliomyelitis, or polio. The disease affects mainly children and may the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) according to very differently run. In 90 percent of cases, the persons concerned have no complaints. But also where fever, stomach and intestinal disorders, headaches occur up to encephalitis are possible. In rare cases, it comes to flaccid paralysis of muscles of the limbs and cerebral nerve failure. Often with complications. It does according to RKI especially in Africa each year to a variety of deportees diseases and outbreaks in polio-free areas. The last acquired polio disease was recorded in Germany in 1990 by a wild virus according to RKI. The last two imported cases were registered in 1992. . Extended text can be read checking

German arms shipments to Kurds: heavy artillery.

Purely formal, Parliament must not be part of the decision. So far anyway, there are no detailed regulations that would force a Government to do so. Arms supplies from stocks of the Bundeswehr are not considered foreign deployment, because not the use of German soldiers abroad will be linked with the deliveries, also the possible training or briefing should take place so yes on German soil. We want to and will send no soldiers in the Iraq, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Saxon Grimma. There are however some constitutionalists who evaluates different judgments of the Constitutional Court to Parliament participate in missions abroad. There are many voices, but two people and positions, particularly surprising at first glance. As the founder of the aid organisation Cap Anamur, Rupert Neudeck, has expressed decidedly arms – and Helmut Kohl’s former Security Adviser, Horst Teltschik, however. They would have been surprised if both had represented exactly the opposite position. But Nadeem argues with the absolute exception situation and special emergency of the Kurds. Teltschik refers to the risk that the weapons can fall into the wrong hands. Both arguments are wrong – and show how difficult is the balance on this delicate issue. The CSU was not represented in the informal Ministerial Panel, which called on Wednesday for arms. You reacted peevishly in Munich. The CSU will not remain on the outskirts and threatening that there would be no final decision without them. However, there is no substantive criticism of the planned military aid so far. That would run counter to recent efforts by party Chief Horst Seehofer. Weeks SPD economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned these constraints of the German arms sales abroad. It threatens a de facto export stop, without development and without a clear compass Seehofer warned at the time. The current debate he may not be expressed so far. In a first phase, it is mainly to equipment, helmets, night vision, bulletproof vests and radio equipment. However, it is still checked how many of each in the depots of the Bundeswehr store, are functional and not elsewhere, in particular in Afghanistan, could be used. First result: about 10 000 helmets and 700 radios good 600 night vision devices are available. In addition the tests also show that the stored body armor to a considerable extent are no longer applicable. If you look at the kinds of weapons, then dealing with Milan apparently mainly guns and little armor-piercing weapons like the rocket launcher. If another question occurs depends on the tests in the next few days. Before making a final decision, the wish lists of the Kurds and the list of German possibilities must be matched with the possibilities of the other European States. The danger that is delivered twice would be too great. . For more on this matter read

Eating too much often instant noodles is harmful to women.

Women who eat instant noodles at least twice per week increase from 68% the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension, according to US research released Thursday. They analyzed data from a survey conducted in South Korea, most large global consumer of these noodles, a sample of 10. 771 adults representative of the population, slightly more than half of them women. The consumption of instant noodles is linked to an increase in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in women, regardless of their dominant diet, write these researchers at Harvard University whose work appeared in the Journal of Nutrition for the month of August. Metabolic syndrome refers to the presence? a set of physiological signs which increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Thus, even if the Korean women had a traditional diet of rice, fish and vegetables or ate mostly meat and less healthy fried food, consuming instant pasta twice a week strongly increased their metabolic risk. Eating noodles one or twice per month presents no problem but several times per week is problematic, said Frank Hu, Professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard, principal author, quoted by the New York Times. The fact that the data came from a survey may explain why men seem not so much affected than women, succession Professor Hu in the study. He explains that latter seem to describe their diet more accurately. But, according to him, it is also possible that women are more sensitive to the effects of the hydrates of carbon, fats and salt. . Related information can be found visiting

Handicap: “don’t want to piss at the restaurant the superwoman.

"I want to stop tearing my hair to organize every trip. "I want to be able to go to my neighborhood pharmacy. "I want access to the beach like everyone else." They have all ages, they are children, young people, assets, pensions. Most are in a wheelchair, are holders of a disability and suffer daily from the lack of accessibility of public places and transport. They pose with a sheet or a small slate on the knees. Some smiling, others do not, too angry. Initiative was launched by the collective of citizens "not to the report, created via Facebook in the spring last rant against the Government, which decided to grant new deadlines for the accessibility of facilities open to the public. The Act of 2005 had given ten years to shops, medical offices, utilities and transport companies to do the necessary work, and become accessible to all. But "six months maturity, approximately 330 000 establishments are standards, more than a million," said Secretary of State Ségolène Neuville mid-July, in the columns of the cross. It increased also against ‘major associations expected to defend us and have not done their work ‘. Where this collective, mounted in speed, and this call for evidence in the form of photos. «Should find other ways to be heard as complicated to organize for people who have an evil madman to move.» On the Tumblr ‘not in the report, already a hundred photos, made with the equipment on board, are in the box. . Similar facts can be inspected reading homepage.

Death by moving tradesmen Zapf: bottle collectors, millionaire, Prozesshansel.

The nationally known moving entrepreneur Klaus Zapf is dead. The founder and longtime CEO of the eponymous forwarding died a heart attack on Wednesday surprisingly at the age of 62, as reported by the company in Berlin. Zapf was founded in 1975 as a law student in West Berlin’s alternative scene his company. Today, the moving company is approximately 600 employees in 14 independent locations, serving approximately 60 000 customers according to own. The history of successful decades moving shipping began with a truck PTO took nearly 40 years ago in West Berlin for Entrümpelungen and piano transport. In the aftermath, ex-students who had gejobbt at power take-off, moved up in the management of the company. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the rapidly growing moving market in Berlin gave further impetus to early 1990s of the forwarding. Already its 30th anniversary in 2005, the company reported that each 80th once had moved to citizens with PTO. Actually from the Baden, Zapf went to Berlin to study law. In fact, he studied the life, especially the wild in the Kreuzberg pubs. The round glasses of intellectuals is perhaps the only thing that remained from the period. I have betrayed the ideal of one or the other in the course of the years, he said in an interview with Star 1995. As a small shareholder, he also had a thieving delight to sue owners of companies in which he had shares. He held the most Chief Executives for parasites. The moving entrepreneur with the rocking appearance offered a glimpse two years ago in his world the news magazine of der Spiegel. Zapf lived in a small apartment on his premises, like bought at the discount store NET and gave the collection of returnable bottles as a hobby in addition to fishing. . For extended insights about this matter read

Followers of Erdogan – Ahmet Davutoglu Prime Minister of Turkey is new.

After the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Head of State, Minister for Foreign Affairs should him Ahmet Davutoglu in Office of the Prime Minister follow. The leadership of the Islamic conservative ruling party AKP nominated Davutoglu on Thursday in Ankara, as Erdogan announced. On Wednesday of next week, Davutoglu should be elected at a special Party Congress to the ACP Chairman. The next day, Erdogan is sworn in as President. Davutoglu should then follow him in the Prime Minister’s Office.    Davutoglu announced in his speech after being nominated, continuing Erdogan’s course. Davutoglu and Erdogan stressed the unity of the party, which is so far strongly aligned on the outgoing Chairman. Erdogan announced to continue the fight against the movement of the preacher Fethullah Gülen with Davutoglu. Erdogan accused the Gulen living in the United States to have established parallel structures in the State, and to want to overthrow him. . Root data can be read clicking this blog.