Colombia: the release of a general by the Farc expected Saturday.

Looming crisis of the peace process in Colombia, where a general held by the Farc should be released Saturday, except new clash between the army and the Marxist guerrillas shockwaves in this country plagued by half a century of conflict, the capture of this officer 10 days ago had led president Juan Manuel Santos has suspend talks with the FARC of Colombia (Farc). The head of State, grand architect of these negotiations relocated to Cuba, announced Wednesday the date of this release, once resolved the security protocols with the rebellion. According to the protocols, it will be Saturday. This will take place Saturday, launched Mr. Santos, visibly relieved, on the sidelines of a speech in Bogota before business leaders who have acclaimed the new. Highest grade never fell into the hands of the Farc, general Ruben Alzate was abducted on 16 November with a corporal and an adviser to the army in the province of Choco, on the Pacific coast. The Colombian president said having already ordered the suspension of military operations in the region, in a message on Twitter. We are confident to return Saturday from general Alzate and his companions, he stressed. This announcement occurs in the aftermath of the release by the Farc of two soldiers, captured during fighting on 9 November, a first gesture, granted to the authorities. The Government requires the return of all people abducted recently as a condition to the resumption of dialogue aimed at resolving the oldest conflict of Latin America, which was 220. 000 dead and 5.3 million internally displaced persons, according to official figures. Since Havana, where peace negotiations were started on November 19, 2012, the guerrilla delegation has confirmed, in a statement, have transmitted the coordinated instead of the release of what it considers its prisoners of war. -’ An essential condition’ – the Farc reiterated, however, that the lack of soldiers was an indispensable condition for the success of the operation. Before the last step, we must verify that there will be no troops of the army on the way to freedom, warned their release. If the release takes place Saturday, the crisis has been contained quite efficiently and controlled in time, commented to AFP Christian Voelkel, Colombia with the NGO International Crisis Group expert, specializing in the resolution of conflicts. For Mr. Voelkel, this quick ending shows that none of the two camps had interest that removal lead to the breakdown of the peace process. As in the case of the soldiers released Tuesday, the general and his two companions will be delivered by the rebels to a humanitarian mission under the auspices of the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and representatives of the Governments of Cuba and Norway, guarantor countries of the peace process. We are working to the maximum of our possibilities so that it ends as soon as possible, said Patricia Rey, spokeswoman of the ICRC in Colombia. At Quibdo, capital of Choco, general Leonardo Pinto relayed the message of optimism displayed by the authorities. As the president has said it is on track, slipped to journalists. The military leader has admitted as only downside very difficult weather conditions observed these days in this region poor and particularly difficult to access, covered with forests and streams. The proper conduct of the operations may also depend on the withholding of the second Colombian rebellion, the national liberation army (ELN), very present in this sector, where it had decreed a prohibition to circulate until this Wednesday. Founded in the 1960s in the wake of a peasant uprising, the Farc and the ELN are the last guerrillas of the extreme left still in activity, with respectively 8. 000 and 2. 500 veterans, essentially folded in rural areas. . For more insights about this matter click

Anger over Ferguson: Americans protest in 170 cities.

Ferguson – the protests to end impunity for the white death protecting Ferguson have spread to at least 170 cities in the United States. From New York via Los Angeles to San Francisco, people on the street went on the night of Wednesday, as US media reported. In many cities the demonstrators laid down traffic reported the United States today. Previously in Ferguson in the State of Missouri did not so serious riots like in the night however. There, the violence ebbed. Hundreds of demonstrators from Manhattan’s Union Square to Times Square and Harlem marched in New York City. A participant said the CNN TV channel he wanted just help to call for changes. He had spontaneously joined the protest train. Sometimes I’m discriminated against because of the color of my skin. Also in the capital, Washington, people walked peacefully around 1000 on the road. Demonstrators in Oakland, California threw a glass and looted shops, while in Los Angeles, a highway was blocked. Protests were reported also from major cities such as Boston, Denver, Seattle, Washington and Dallas. In Ferguson, the situation relatively calmed down. Around 2000, National Guard secured the suburb of the city of St. Louis, three times as many as on Monday. Officials closed off the streets where it came to looting. Overall, it was a much better night, said Police Chief Jon Belmar. . Extended text can be read reading

Brussels rejects the Brescian skewer. Banned the sale of wild birds.

The spit will be banned in restaurants. The delicious roasted birds were rejected from Europe that has altered the Italian law on hunting. Restaurateurs bresciani feel wounded, indeed, stuck in the pride. Skewer a gastronomic specialities of Brescia famous between the Franciacorta, Valcamonica, and Garda. Has ancient origins and is prepared with different types of meat such as pork and chicken but also birds and wild rabbits. The birds, for, never fail. In the villages of Gussago and Serle skewer became a de. co. or municipal designation of origin. The decision by Brussels to talk in these valleys. Europe has imposed a ban on sale, buy, sell birds (dead or alive) in the wild, even if they are abroad. Therefore the only way to enjoy the spit will have it at home. Among politicians broke out the anti-European polemics. Fabio Rolfi regional councillor of the insurgent Northern League: choosing stupid and uncaring of the territory. Because of the gastronomic tradition of Brescia Government risks losing a piece of its history due to the amendment to the law on hunting, made by Parliament in September, which effectively banned the use of wild birds, import, also in spit. Also the regional Minister Viviana Beccalossi there is and says: Stop the spit and other dishes such as polenta and osei, and long live the kebab. This an invasion of field goes to distort ancient traditions. I will be first in line to defend our identity and history that has marked our territory. . For extended information about this subject read

Brussels complains Germany because of high particulate levels.

The EU Commission in Brussels condemned in particular to high levels of the pollutant in Stuttgart and Leipzig on Wednesday and threatened with legal action. It’s an ongoing disagreement in the next round. The EU requires its members since 2005, to curb high levels of fine dust. Because the tiny particles are inhaled and cause health problems. The World Health Organization sees the cause of 350 000 premature deaths in Europe every year, of which 47 000 in Germany. In addition to lung diseases also heart attacks, premature births and thrombosis are associated with particulate matter. Fine dust is created by burning mainly in factories, heating and transport. To reduce it, including diesel soot filters and environmental zones were introduced in Germany in major cities. A limit of 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air is laid down by Decree. In a reply to a request of the Greens in the Bundestag the Federal Government had granted but in June itself, that too often exceeds the value in some regions. This condemned now the EU Commission, which repeatedly had hooked up in the past few years in Berlin and called for more measures. The balance sheet has improved recently: 2011 still exceeded in four metropolitan areas had criticized the Commission as a Commission spokesman explained. Although there are now only two, the Commission calls strongly for swift action, to implement the valid since 2005 protection of the population. . You can visit the following to learn more on this great matter.

Bloons Monkey City.

Attention, it is to the hardcore fans of the Bloons series that addresses the episode Monkey City. No question here to follow as a voluptuary levels of tower defense, with monkeys over increasingly powerful to shoot darts at balloons more resistant. The heart of the game is here based on the construction of a city. In the heart of the city, a banana field automatically fills the coffers of the Bank. A mill produces energy to power buildings, which allow the choice: to provide battle monkeys, improve their performance, to seek new technologies,. Each piece of land coveted to enlarge the city negotiates,. by a good old phase of defense with waves of balloons and twisted paths. Suffice to say that they deserve, and need to have patience. And that it is better already know by heart all the subtleties of bloons – as the crucial interest of searching ‘anti MOAB’ – to take pleasure. . Main facts could be found checking the following

On the basis of new data on the prevalence of online in Italy, Audiweb Trends, shows that the spread of online in our country is now widespread. Are, in fact, 40 million Italians who can access the internet from any location and instrument (the 84.4% of 11-74 years), with a trend of growth of 6.8% in the last two years. Mobile devices, smartphones and tablet, conquer more and more people doing the trawl for the further increase in the spread of the internet in Italy: connected smartphones are available for 56% of the population (26.5 million, + 69.5% in two years) and the tablet for 20% (9.5 million + 310). Today, according to new data Audiweb internet usage by September 2014, Audiweb Database, the total digital audience is represented by 21 million unique users (2 + years) in the average day, connected for 2 hours per person, and 28.6 million in the month, online for 46 hours. The use of mobile internet is represented by 15 million unique users (18-74 years) that access the internet in the average day via smartphones, online for 1 hour and 29 minutes per person, and 5.2 million via tablet, for 1 hour and 12 minutes.   Young people between 18 and 34 years, Millannials, prefer accessing the internet from mobile devices: the 18-24 year olds prefer to navigate by mobile device: 2.7 million in average day (64% of the population of this age group) for 2 hours and 16 minutes, and 3 million in the month for over 60 hours. Only 27.3% of 18-24 year olds chooses internet access from PC in the average day. Mobile reach values for the Millennials are quite similar in both the average day in the month, a sign of a constant and daily use of the new device.   "Thanks to the detection system extension to mobile device, Audiweb we can finally track, more fully to the market, trends and consumption habits of Italians online. The 2014 confirms the primacy of the mobile internet in daily use in the average day, with a higher reach than the PC-12 million 16.4 million against about 18-74 years and 65% of the time spent online. said Enrico Gasperini, President of Audiweb. The total audience of the internet turn the spotlight on the generational digital divide, with only 22.3% of over 55 online, primarily online from PC, compared with 67% of 18-34enni. Finally, it is extremely interesting to the exclusive use of mobile to access the online for the 42% of women online, 59% of 18-24 year olds and 25-51% of 34enni. The consumption data online in Italy in September, presented at the IAB Forum, refer to summary data Audiweb Database, the planning with the online audience data from mobile (smartphone and tablet in aggregate form) and total internet audience (PC and mobile audience) of September 2014. . For extra data on this topic click resource.

Jobs Act, now in Pd is frontal collision (and total).

The day yesterday is destined to remain in the brief history of the historical Democratic Party, considering both the scope of opposition to the Secretary of the party line (and Prime Minister), both the substance of the question, the labour reform (central theme in "left", at least in theory). So, after leaving the courtroom about 30 Democratic members (29 in the official document, a few more considering absences "tactics") comes the time of reckoning in the press/social media. Begins with a Bindi interview to Corriere della Sera that is doing very argue (especially in parts where it considers "declining stage" the parable of Matteo Renzi and suggests even a split in the event that the party does not change direction), Pier Luigi Bersani continues with an interview "cerchiobottista" to the Republic (which is basically the work of Government criticism but please don’t row against the company)Close (for now) Gianni Cuperlo and Matteo Orfini via social networks. . Original source can be read clicking the following

Coal industry defends itself against Gabriel’s plans.

The energy industry opposes the capping of climate-damaging CO2 emissions in German coal-fired power plants planned by Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). "The overall framework is currently no room for more unilateral intermediate consumption of the power plant operators," according to a letter of the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW) to 1800 member companies. Therefore, the question of possible compensation payments arises if Gabriel as planned should bring a CO2 reduction legislation on the way. In the letter, it says that the industry in the past have provided "significant inputs" to the objectives of the climate. "So for example, the average efficiency of power stations has been increased significantly." BDEW – Managing Director Hildegard Müller took part German with the electricity industry in Berlin on Monday at a summit meeting. Gabriel wants to go back now the emission of around 500 fossil power plants by 2016 to 2020 to 4.4 million tons a year of carbon dioxide after initial hesitation with a carbon dioxide limits. Whether the company will achieve this through abandonment or a slight reduction in several power plants, should be left to them. Total 314 million tonnes of CO2 were blown 2013 for producing electricity and heat from power plants into the air. In the letter, Müller reaffirms consistent solutions for the problems of the industry are necessary. "Because one is clear, just as it is, can’t stay there." Green Bundestag Group Deputy Chairman Oliver Krischer said the massive resistance: "Gabriel is trying to make a deal with the coal industry, miserably failed." Gabriel must therefore finally create a clear regulatory framework, "to take the oldest coal-fired power plants from Konrad Adenauer’s times from the market." So highly flexible and climate-friendly gas power plants and combined heat and power would have a chance in the market again. . Extended info can be inspected clicking

HGAA lawyer loses countenance: BayernLB excludes amicable.

In the dispute between the BayernLB and its former Austria subsidiary Hypo Alpe Adria (HGAA) to the repayment of loans of billions is no amicable agreement in sight. Before the District Court of Munich, BayernLB rejected a proposal of the presiding judge in no uncertain terms. An agreement was out of the question, a lawyer said the land bank. The BayernLB waits in vain for the repayment of loans amounting to 2.3 billion euros, which earlier had granted the Austrian Bank for two years. Also in court, the tone in the dispute is getting sharper. A lawyer of the Austrian Bank immediately attacked the judges of the Civil Chamber at the start of the process day in the form of unusually hard and has accused them, which in case of completely straying. I think you have simply not more above the head and not see what is at stake here, said attorney Daniel busses. It is matter of the Chamber only halfway during the face to finish this thing. This exercise that we do here, is totally pointless. . You must click this source to learn extra about this great topic.

Jennifer Lawrence and the drama of the shoes ,. never the right size!.

(:: Play4movie)-now a abituè of the red carpet, high fashion clothes, and Ambassador of Dior, has become for many an icon of style, thanks to its classical elegance but not granted. The young star seems to frequently encounter problems in finding the right pair of shoes ,. almost every red carpet Jen wears shoes of any larger size, detail that does not go unnoticed to most people and less attentive. The world premiere in London, Jen sported Black patent sandals with prices and photos in profile can be seen with clarity that the sandals were not the appropriate number. The same fate is touched to star at the Los Angeles premiere, where Jen’s feet appeared again much smaller of footwear choices for the occasion. And going to look at the red carpet of last year, it seems that the stylist Lawrence fails to find properly fitting shoes for his client. Jen is also famous for its ‘ dropping ‘ on the red carpet, to Oscar and Golden Globes and ,. Was it perhaps because of too wide shoes?  . Additional information can be inspected reading source.