Central Council of Jews: President Garcia renounced reelection.

At the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, a change is coming surprisingly. President Dieter Graumann (64) will no longer run in the election on November 30. After four years in Office, he wants back have time for family and private life, Garcia said on Friday. At the same time, Vice President Josef Schuster (60) announced that he will apply to the succession of grey man. In a letter to the Board of Directors of the Central Council, Graumann said decision had not fallen him easily. Volunteering have demanded extraordinarily long and force him – especially in this year, when he in fact six months with took over the management of the Federation. Approximately 108 Jewish communities belong to the Central Council with about 101 300 members. The grey man born 1950 in Ramat Gan in Israel, belongs to the first generation of Jews that has not experienced the Holocaust. Grey Mann’s father, who survived six concentration camps, and his mother met in a refugee camp. 1950 they migrated back to Israel from and to Germany in 1952. . Related information can be found visiting hyperlink.

Fracture: Knowledge harms.

It is always the parties in Germany differed all hardly more from each other – the same in green and grey. Actually, that’s true only in one point: education. It is the answer of all questions. Where can we save? Not in education! What do we do without raw materials? Our raw material is educational! How do we meet the demographic change? Lifelong learning! And how convincing we Nazis and Islamists of our Western values? Education, education, education! Had a look at the biographies of the most evil of all evil, shows that the call for more education of gross illiteracy attests to. Suicide bomber Mohammed Atta trained in Hamburg for the engineer. Charles Taylor, Liberian criminal against humanity, studied economics in Boston. Kim Jong-un to be received in the Switzerland to the school. And Mussolini was even teachers. But for this she would have may don’t know of course, that have already been written. Education is so slow. And ignorant anyways. Socrates has accumulated knowledge throughout his life – to get just to the realization that he has no idea. "What I don’t know, I’m not hot", says of the vernacular. That’s right one hundred percent. It would be wrong, however, to draw the opposite conclusion: that I know makes me hot. The opposite is the case! Nothing turns off more than knowledge. That meant Yes Max Frisch, as he wrote: "It is remarkable that we at least can say out straight from the people we love, as he is." What does not? Right: People who have no idea of rough. The Internet is already full of them, and also on German roads, even apart from the toll is in the right direction. There are the Salafis, whose IS-Freunde in Mosul have shut down just the half uni for one. On the other hand the hooligans. Who have chanted recently in Cologne: "people who mirror ‘ and, image read, the last fifty years have had their chance." Salafists and hooligans are therefore agreed. But they may not know that by their very nature, therefore they war Yes. Remains only to sabotage the education Republic Germany from the inside. Our students are just as encouraging: at least 29 percent expressed in a study, they held important policy. This is the best value in the last twenty years. . Extended data can be inspected visiting web site.

A referendum on the Obama policy.

Tuesday, 4 November, Americans voted for the so-called mid-term elections. This election, which would allow to renew a third of the Senate, may turn into a referendum on the policy pursued by Barack Obama two years before the end of his second term. The paradox is that glowing health of the American economy was unlikely to serve him. With a GDP growth of 3.5 per cent annualised in the third quarter after 4.6% in the second, the United States is envy. The unemployment rate even fell month last below 6%, versus more than 11% in the euro area. Easy Tuesday offer a victory next to the Democrats? No! As evidenced by the majority of the polls, Obama no longer has the coast. The first black president of the United States is far from being able to meet the huge expectations he raised. Quite the contrary even. Suddenly, after the House of representatives, the Senate threatens to tip over in the hands of the Republican opposition, and Obama became a repoussoir for a significant fraction of the electorate. Number of Democratic candidates have indeed avoided to appear with the president during their campaign. The culprit, however, is to look elsewhere in the simple game policy. For the Democrats, it would be easy to demonstrate that the Republican party, victim of the intransigence of his hardliners, has helped to prevent many of the reforms. This game does not explain, in any case, the fact that many American voters have a very different perception of their situation as the image given by the latest statistics and they believe less and less in to Obama’s ability to change the. Elected to focus on domestic problems and remove the troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, the president was forced to re-engage in the Middle East and gave the impression that he was not ready to tackle what is today perceived as the number one problem: social inequality. Rightly or wrongly, the vast majority of Americans feel they have not benefited from the fruits of the recovery. The growing wealth gap worries even the Federal Reserve. According the U.S. Central Bank, 3% of richest Americans share more than one-third of the total income and 90% barely more than half. Of course, this phenomenon is not new. There are widely over the years Reagan. Certainly, America is not opposed to the rich land. But the stagnation of wages, which affects a large part of the middle classes, is less and less well received. And the democratic camp likely to make costs next Tuesday. . Additional data can be inspected visiting http://8908bba6dbb641ecb98e0fc1ec3.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Israel reopens the esplanade of the mosques to defuse an explosive situation.

Israel decided Thursday to reopen the ultra-sensitive esplanade of the mosques in Jerusalem, in order to defuse a situation that threatened to become explosive if it maintained the rare measure of closure Friday, weekly Prayer Muslim. A spokesman for the police, Luba Sai, told AFP in early evening that the esplanade, third holiest of islam also revered by Jews, would reopen Friday at 0:00 (Thursday 22: 00 GMT), after be remained closed all day Thursday. It was the first time that the esplanade was closed since 1967 and the annexation by Israel of the Palestinian part of Jerusalem, said the Foundation, which manages the site. This closure had been imposed by the Israelis, who control access to the esplanade, before a new rise in tensions. Since Wednesday night, Jerusalem has been the scene of an assassination attempt against a figure of the ultra-nationalist right Jewish, of the death of his assailant alleged, killed by the police, and multiple clashes between Palestinian youths and police Israelis. The Plaza reopened before dawn prayers will remain prohibited as a precaution to the men of less than fifty years, said the police spokesman. At the same time where the police announced the reopening, the American Secretary of State John Kerry issued a call in this sense. Claiming to be extremely concerned about the escalation of tensions in Jerusalem, he felt that it was absolutely essential that all parties exercise restraint, refrain from all actions or provocative statements, and preserve the historic standstill of the esplanade of the mosques/Mount of the Temple – in words and in deeds. -’ Murder pure and simple’ – keeping close esplanade, Israel would have taken a considerable risk. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has thus called declaration of war the closure of the esplanade and the Israeli actions in East Jerusalem. Jordan, who controls the Foundation managing the esplanade, has accused Israel of State terrorism. Jerusalem – Is is prey for a few months, and even more since a week of violence that have raised fears of a third Intifada, by the name of Palestinian uprisings against Israeli occupation resulting in thousands of deaths. Tensions rose again Wednesday night with the attempt to assassinate Yehuda Glick, one of the figures of the Jewish ultra-nationalist right which bristle Muslims claiming the right to pray on the mount Temple, Jewish name of the esplanade of the mosques. Colon and Rabbi of 48 years, Yehuda Glick has been targeted by a motorcyclist who opened fire on him in West Jerusalem where he left a discussion specifically on the Temple Mount. Hit by bullets in the stomach, chest, neck and hand according to his father, he was in a serious but stable condition Thursday. Thursday at dawn, police shot dead the alleged offender, Muataz Hijazi, a 32-year-old Palestinian on the roof of the family home in East Jerusalem. The young man was killed in an exchange of fire with the police, assured the latter. Presented by the Islamic Jihad radical movement as one of its members, Hijazi was buried at night in East Jerusalem in the presence of about 300 people, found an AFP journalist. An important police device was deployed on-site to avoid funeral degenerate. For number of inhabitants of the area, epicenter of unrest since last week, the police in fact delivered in a murder pure and simple. -In the old town also-L’ police intervention in this sector already placed under high surveillance has caused violent clashes a good part of the day between young Palestinians and Israeli police who clashed with stones, firecrackers, stun grenades and rubber bullets. Before this new bouts of fever, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced significant police reinforcements in Jerusalem. The police has been placed on alert throughout the territory. The security forces were present in numbers in the alleys of the old town, that overlooks the esplanade of the mosques and in which traders have dropped their curtains. Old town sounded it as powerful blast and there again, the Israeli police sporadically clashed with small groups, noted an AFP journalist. The status of the esplanade of the mosques is a red line for the Palestinians. Jews are allowed to visit, but not to pray, fear of incidents. Muslims alarmed loaned the Israeli Government intend to allow Jews to pray. They outraged by what they perceived as provocations on the part of ultras Jews that access the esplanade under the guise of a visit and begin to pray. Mr Netanyahu reiterated Thursday have no intention to change the status of this holy place. But the tensions have also been exacerbated by a series of events since June, the Gaza war, the pursuit of colonization by Israel, the permanent harassment including the Palestinians themselves as victims. In this context, the Sweden decided to press the movement without waiting for a negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians, and Thursday officially recognized the State of Palestine. . You should visit the following page to discover more about this amazing subject.

Coup in Burkina Faso: President Compaoré rejects immediate resignation.

Berlin / Ouagadougou Рdespite bloody unrest has rejected the President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaor̩, an immediate resignation. At the same time he announced widespread speech to the nation Omega in a radio station, to refrain from a planned constitutional amendment. After this he had can seek another term. The 63 has since 1987 in power in the West African State. Compaor̩ again picked up also the State of emergency proclaimed on Thursday. In the speech to the nation, at the same time, he confirmed the dissolution of Parliament. These steps should facilitate the way in a transition phase, whose end he wants passed power to a democratically elected President, it said. Compaor̩ said in his speech with reference to the protests against another term, he understood the message. With the revision of the Constitution, the former officer Compaor̩ wanted to secure another presidential term after 27 years in power. He had coup himself once even in the highest Office. On Thursday then, the protest turned into violence, as angry demonstrators stormed the Parliament and there set fire. Affiliated, the Government cancelled the vote planned for the revision of the Constitution in the Parliament. The headquarters of the national broadcaster RTB was looted and devastated. . Related information can be inspected clicking http://8908bba6dbb641ecb98e0fc1ec3.lucaeisenberg.eu.

The mode of evil clowns and the loss of borders.

For adults, the clown is always the image of regression. For the child, the clown is an image of regression and working to become great to which it is bound. This work led him to go to difficult and sometimes painful syntheses. This is what the costume mismatched pieces. The clown is the image of the non-synthese. Nothing in it is adjusted. Nothing just falls. His approach is clumsy. The colours of the tiles from his jacket swear. Even his face shows a contrast between the pallor of death and the bright red of desires. Two origins are given to the Joker. In the first, he is a criminal pursued by Batman. He falls into a VAT of acid and it comes out in the guise of the Joker. In the second, the Joker grinning smile is caused by the Batman Batarang. In a second battle, he falls into a tank of acid and totally turns into Joker. Fevers zombies that regularly invade our movie screens are images of tensions in our society. "Dawn of The Dead" (1978) John Romero posing the kind standards speaks of sexual tensions and racial USA of the 1970s. Today, contagions zombies to discuss the loss of the limitations caused by digital transmissions. The loss of borders is still a test. A border gives a point of support for thought. She draws a clear line between good and evil, the just and the unjust, pleasure and pain, prohibited and the authority. The issue of the border is present in the Auguste clown. It appears in his birth, since someone track boy becomes an artist. It is present in his gaudy costume that highlights contrast different territory. Finally, it is present in his behaviour since it behaves in a manner that does not respect social boundaries that are banned. Freud describes an experiment in which the person lives a moment of floating with the feeling of being confronted with something familiar and disturbing. The uncanny is a momentary loss of boundaries. Briefly, the distinction between living and non, the inanimate, is cleared. This deletion is also a loss of the border between the unconscious and the conscious. For a few second, elements of the unconscious access to consciousness, where the experience of Vertigo and anxiety. . You should check the following weblink to learn more on this amazing matter.

Ast Terni: us Blackjacks don’t like ever.

We liked the conflicts of interest yesterday, we don’t like today. We liked the votes of confidence to repeat yesterday, we don’t like today. We liked the gagging laws and we don’t like even the laws "bib". We liked "no questions" interviews yesterday and even today. We liked the batons in Genoa, we don’t like those raised against workers of Terni. That like it or not, we are not interested nor to infighting in the Pd, or clashes between Pd and Cgil; We are interested in the merit of individual questions and we have no intention to change opinion and judgement depending on the color of Governments or of round majorities. Those who protested yesterday and are silent today are the true "professional antiberlusconismo", because the former Knight failed, pretend not to see and not hear and of course do not speak, because now I am the courtiers of another sovereign. . Related facts can be found checking http://8908bba6dbb641ecb98e0fc1ec3.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Woman has sex with your dog: accused of animal abuse.

A woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police found on his video phone where did sex with a dog at his home in Brisbane, Australia. Jenna Louise Driscoll was convicted of three charges relating to animal cruelty, as well as the charges of trafficking and possession of a dangerous drug, according to the Courier Mail. According to police reports, there are three movies on the mobile phone of Driscoll and in all three of the women he had sex with the animal. The woman’s lawyer, Rachel horses, appealed for his client is granted freedom on bail. According to the Prosecutor, Scott Pearson, the woman would be involved in a marijuana traffic among a number of friends. According to the indictment, from text messages of Driscoll you will know that the woman has sold 4 ounces of marijuana on one occasion for $ 1150. Pearson provided another occasion when Driscoll had allegedly sold about 130 grams of marijuana for $ 900. . Main facts can be found visiting the following info.

Radhi al Quirinale. Mogherini resigns as Deputy.

Waiting to take on November the position of high representative for the common foreign and security policy, Eu, Federica Mogherini resigned today in the parliamentary Chamber waiting to leave the post at the Foreign Ministry. «I ringraziere all my colleagues and, in particular, my group: that of the Democratic Party. I joined in 2008 in the House, the Democratic Party had just been born thanks to the work and the vision of many people who are sitting here today. " But, first and foremost, "Walter Veltroni with whom I shared that dream, and these benches, in the previous term," said Mogherini. The House gives a warm greeting, but communications with which Federica Mogherini comes to a close (but is only a goodbye» clarifies) from the Chamber end to trigger yet another quarrel between Pd and M5S on brief debate that follows tradition. Mogherini: eight months of intense work "were eight months intensive. Perhaps never before 2014 the world and our region in particular, had seen many crisis all together and all of exceptional severity: from Ukraine to Libya, from Gaza to Isil, from Syria to Iraq to Ebola’s drama ‘. Federica Mogherini was dismissed from Ministry in a message posted yesterday on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs two days before, on November 1, the post of Eu High Representative for foreign policy. . You can visit the following http://8908bba6dbb641ecb98e0fc1ec3.lucaeisenberg.eu to read extra regarding this great subject.

A roar in the jungle.

The ‘butcher’ Mobutu took pictures wanted with two myths. Sport and dictators, propaganda and show ass above any moral or policy. 10 d lares of the few million today makes 40 to, on October 30, 1974, pag a criminal and a dictator worse cala n as Mobutu Sese Seko to put his name and that of Zaire in the world. The genocide led to the ancient capital of the Belgian Congo to the father of all fighting together in a ring of the fortress Stadium, whose interiors used torture and prison c, room to the campe n world Foreman vs Ali in a time where the pu you Giants not avoided at the Summit its strength and pride. The ‘ roar of the jungle, the of the ‘ Ali bomaye!,’ inmortilizado in the documentary ‘ When we are Kings’ (Leon Gast) an Oscar winner. He combats m s c lebre’s history, without a doubt, where GOAT retrieve p fashion long style purple of boxing. What all pas in eight rounds is great history of the sport. T-suicide practice of Ali on the ropes whispered to his Punisher advising can not hit m again strong, young woman. Or that is what you have, George?,. tremendous shock of clash of the Foreman ‘capable of moving an elephant’. Also n of the best sports nica cr’s history, from ‘ the Sukubo have it!, the Sukubo has it! of George Plimpton, to the and did not want to break with a m s hit the tica est ca man Mailer do. . You should read this blog to discover more about this great topic.