The mass culling of stray dogs caused a scandal in Bali.

Its sandy beaches make dream tourists from around the world. Spoken no less than dogs of Bali Island, slaughtered in droves by the authorities to combat rabies. A video of 16 minutesvisible on YouTube (sensitive souls refrain) showing more than thirty frightened dogs barking constantly before receiving a lethal injection and fall one upon the other in uttering cries aroused the indignation of the animal cause. Who have denounced an inhumane slaughter. Video that sparks the scandal had been mailed a first time in April, and a new publication last week has been viewed over 40,000 times in the space of three days. The association for the defence of the rights of animals PETA strongly condemned these inhumane practices: local animal rights groups were implemented with success of immunization programmes, and the number of humans affected by rabies has dropped considerably, said the association in a statement. A petition on the Exchange platform. more than 20 000 signatures were collected by org calling for an end to this mass slaughter. And PETA threaten. The impact on tourism in Bali – very popular destination for Westerners-, could fall after the viewing of these images. . You must read the following site to read more about this great subject.

5 shots of c & #339; heart of the boss of the Tour de France.

David Cameron and the Royal family. The presence of the Prime Minister David Cameron at the arrival of the first step, the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg to the arrival of the 2nd stage, after dropping to permanence. And the Royal family to Harewood, prince William, Kate, prince harry, the yellow Jersey handed over by Kate Middleton. At the end of the 1st stage, Marcel Kittel does not told me his victory but own the podium, his legs "who were shaking." We also, we had legs that trembled, bristling hair. Extraordinary. The mastery of Nibali. From the beginning to the end. In the heart of a season where he was not very good, seen fit to power. He won the Championship of Italy a week before the start of the Tour. JEME am said, will not be the third man, it will be better than that. After the race is as it is with Froome and Contador falls but his dominance was borrows elegance and intelligence. The French. A performance unexpected but so deserved. I thought that they would rise very high but not as quickly. I said at the start of the Tour that four french riders could finish in the top ten in paris. They are three in six and two on the podium (Princess and Pinot). Bardet is a magnificent 6th. It has the opened large future. Not to mention the two stage of Kadri and Gallopin WINS and Gallopin yellow day. The course. Just tell us to Thierry Gouvenou (race dircetur) and me, the course was great. But it is the same spirit for a dozen years. There are editions in which the coureures magnify the course, they have magnified it. Between Sheffield, pavers, the Board of the beautiful girls, has almost not there low time. Strongly 2015. For the first time in every round that I lived as a child, teen, adult, as a journalist on the radio, on TV or in the Organization, it is the first time that in ten days of the end I tell myself strongly next year, not because I was bored, to the contrary but because I can’t wait to see again them from Saturday 4 July to Utrechtthe Netherlands where there will be a crowd considerable because when we go abroad, we will look for passion and found. . For more facts regarding this matter check

Comment on the Gaza war: battle without winners.

The diplomatic chaos that left the American Secretary of State, is great. For a week, John Kerry in the Gaza war had tried to mediate; on weekends, he returned to Washington empty-handed. In Gaza hardly anyone knew who was holding up a fire break and whose forces started to fire again on Sunday. Despite support from UN, EU, and more than half a dozen Governments is of Kerry’s ambitious plan – a one-week ceasefire in concurrent negotiations – not much left remained. Helpless, the community sees as the fourth week of a war begins, more than a thousand people have fallen. Now they are in demand as a negotiating partner. The Israeli Government which wants to destroy as possible so many tunnels, which Hamas has dug in order to carry out terrorist attacks on the Israeli side of the border fence. To finally dispel this danger, the soldiers would have to remain still for days in Gaza. Israel makes it a condition for a truce. But it is hard to imagine that Hamas stood by watching, as the army makes the course unusable. A cease-fire under such conditions may not hold for long. . For extended information about this topic check site.

Scavenger hunt at the Berlin Zoo.

The Berliners have gone late Easter egg hunt at the weekend in a way. The object of desire but were not chocolate or colored eggs, but envelopes stuffed with money. Hundreds main town – more large than small – were on Sunday at the Zoo in search of the treasure of the US real estate entrepreneur Jason Buzi. He had hidden around 1500 euros in 24 green envelopes. Stand on it in red letters: great! You’ve found it! Tweet photo with! We [heart] Berlin. The scavenger hunt, which he had organized in several cities in the United States and the United Kingdom, announced Sarah on Twitter under the name hidden cash (hidden cash). On Sunday morning, he urged to look around to the gold fish pond at the Zoo on park benches, stones, bins and in small cottages. The treasure hunter did the capital. Soon appeared the first Selfies with happy faces, green envelopes and money on Twitter. People grazed off each spot of the area around the pond and let also admonitions of the police didn’t deter himself, to run around flower beds. . For extra information about this matter click

Clark Rockefeller: Murder as a fine art.

On this day of August of 2013, at which the Court in the case of Rockefeller WG. Murder negotiated, encounter the two for the last time. Kirn seeks revenge. His weapon is the keyboard, on which he has written two novels, short stories, and many literary reviews for the New York Times Book Review, for example, now appears so his version of the story of Rockefeller. And in contrast to all the stories that gave Rockefeller ever to be the best, and also after what the Court and reporters have found out, this story is so true as it can be reality now. Blood wants to talk. A true story of murder and masquerade name is Walter Kirns book that reads like the best mystery novels so exciting. Clark Rockefeller has killed one, but probably two people. He is also not Rockefeller. Christian Gerhart riding is available in the Passport, the police has found, he was on February 21, 1961 (a year before Walter Kirn) born in a Bavarian village called mountains. At the age of 17 Gerhart Reiter emigrated to America, where he first settled in Berlin, Connecticut; the name sounded probably familiar. In 1985, he now called himself Chris Chichester and lived in the Californian San Marino, he slew John Sohus, the adopted son of his landlady, at the same time his wife also disappeared. Only the corpse of John Sohus is found – cut into pieces and packed in plastic bags, it is dug out nine years after the fact by a later owner of the House, as he wants to create a swimming pool in the garden. Then it takes an eternity again, until enough evidence for a process that came together: In January 2012, Gerhart Reiter is accused of murder, because the fact is already 27 years. Because the jury guilty plead and the revision fails, Gerhart Reiter sits now at least until 2035 in the prison. He would be an old man after his release. Gerhart Reiter has been once before, in July 2008, before the Court. He had kidnapped his daughter after his then second wife, an American, custody was revoked it. Gerhart riders escaped. The Masque of this Bavarian Cup itself has presented depending on occasion even as Chris C. Crowe, C. Crowe Mountbatten, Charles Smith and chip Smith, seemed but so spectacular that the star reporter of the biggest magazines immediately cared for him. For example, the Vanity Fair Man mark seal. The reporter travelled to Bavaria, where Gerhart Reiter as all scorched earth had left. Seal conducted countless interviews and published his report on four hundred pages (the man who was Rockefeller, ayekyaw Verlag 2011) – an also narrative masterpiece. That seals Kirn now televised book at Walter incidentally only one barren mention is, appears conception. Kirn should be not angry. If not as first, he treated the fabric like none before him. Here has opted for his subject not an author, but vice versa. That is writer and murderer about the way are run, is just as crazy as everything else on this always completely surreal fact story. . Extended data can be inspected clicking url.

FOCUS 31/2014 – Oetjen criticizes Government for slow DE-mail introduction.

Munich. The Chief of the two largest German E-Mail Services Web. de and GMX, Jan Oetjen, has criticised the slow introduction of legally compliant DE mail, which is provided in the E-Government Act as a substitute for the letter. "The DE-mail stands in Germany are still at the beginning. Other countries are far more, "Oates said the news magazine FOCUS. In Denmark, already two-thirds of the population to a similar system for secure electronic communication with public authorities and companies are connected. The German provider, especially Web. de, GMX and Deutsche Telekom, had done their homework and more than a million people for the DE-mail registered. Oetjens asked: "Now has committed to his own system of the State as a major shipper and consistently implement it." To accelerate the widespread introduction of DE-mail, the Federal Government wants to set up a joint working group with the economy. General criticism of the DE-mail comes from Michael Rotert, who received the first E-Mail in Germany 30 years ago at the University of Karlsruhe. "Companies that deal with public authorities, have advantages. But DE mail, because of the missing end-to end encryption will not prevail at home, "Rotert said to FOCUS. . You can read the following to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

Nibali, the Tour de France is yours.

The party is in Italy thanks to Vincenzo Nibali. The Italian rider has in fact won the Tour de France 2014 thanks to 4th place obtained in the only stage time trial of the Grand Boucle, penultimate round before the final catwalk in Paris, useless for the purposes of ranking. The Messina has once again played a great test in the path from Bergerac to Periguex of 54 kilometres, but had to surrender to one outstanding Tony Martin. The latter confirmed the expectations placed in him by dominating the Chrono and showcase the title for winning a stage 20. Super releases on opponents with Peraud who finished second by retrieving the lost time for drilling with a large company and thus also behind compatriot Thibaut Pinot, with two Frenchmen who will complete the podium behind Nibali. The Sicilian champion despite the stopwatch are not historically his strong point was defended very well keeping the advantage over opponents. An advantage that he will triumph at the Champs Elysees, demonstrating the value of "shark" capable of getting into the story after triumphed at the tour of Italy and Tour of Spain. A reason of pride for Italian cycling not collected a success in the Tour de France since 1998 when to triumph in Paris was Marco Pantani. These are the first words of Nibali having crossed the finish line of stage 20: "it is not a dream, I won really. It’s all unreal, my thinking is for tomorrow, will be from goosebumps. I want to taste this wonderful victory. " . Extended information can be read clicking blog.

Victims denounce the ‘insults’ of Feijoo on the anniversary of the Alvia.

After the accident, were created two v victims associations, the Association n Perjudicados by the railway accident of the Compostela Santiago Alvia (Apafas) and the V o Alvia 04155 platform and there are v victims who do not belong to any of them. The second of the hab p said publicly that associations not quer an Medal, but that d s wants to attend the ceremony to explain his reasons and the rest of workers affected even hab an expressed its intention n go or not. However, are you closed the door to all them. Letter to dropping or is the env o Alvia 04155 V platform, but it echoes a widespread complaint, as cord police n impidi access to members of this group and of Apafas and v o not linked to any association n. Reproach to the Galician President than his advisers not deb an have m s to eight directions (attendees, several of the same family), because the rest of v victims and family not us goes any invitation. . You must check the following blog to discover more about this interesting matter.

Costa Concordia tomorrow in Genoa, waiting for Renzi.

The ship Costa Concordia, Wednesday’s match from the Isola del Giglio, approaching increasingly to Genoa. After the third night the ship navigation by Costa Crociere lacks very little to conclude its last voyage and arrive to the port where it will be demolished. The arrival of the wreck in front of the port of Genoa is confirmed for the first few hours of the day tomorrow, Sunday, July 27.  Presumably at five tomorrow morning the ship will be taken over by the head of the harbor pilots Giovanni Lettich. Listening for the Costa Concordia in Genoa there will also be the Chairman of the Board Matteo Renzi. To confirm, at the end of a Summit, the Deputy Prefect, Paul Of Regent Attilio, "Council President Renzi will be present in the dock to Vte when Concordia will have completed the docking maneuvers. His arrival is expected in the afternoon. " As the ship left the Gang, meanwhile, in the waters of the island five teams of divers of the fire brigade and coastguard, they began to work in an attempt to return to the family the body of the last victim of the sinking of the Costa Concordia. A shipwreck that caused 32 deaths, but the sea has returned only 31. The appeal Miss Indian waiter Russell Rebello. Divers have inspected for eight hours the portion of the seabed where was located the ship that until now was inaccessible. Three pairs of firefighters and two pairs of the coast guard, for a total of ten divers, alternated to explore five workspaces by diving up to 30 meters. But the body of Russell Rebello has not been found. We then have to wait for the inspection of the wreck when it brought in Genoa. . For more insights about this matter click

+++ NewsTicker to MH17 +++: body parts still in place of MH17.

More than a week after the crash of flight MH17 are still remains of the victims at the scene. Australian forces had observed this Friday on the spot, so Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. International use to secure the crash site should begin as soon as possible. The Ukrainian Parliament plans a special meeting on Thursday (July 31). This also remain of the actually resigned Prime Minister, Arseni Yatsenyuk could be decided in the Office, how media in Kiev report. President Petro Poroschenko expresses the hope that Yatsenyuk will continue the work of his crisis in Kiev. The Prime Minister had based his resignation on Thursday also his anger about the work of Parliament. With the first economic sanctions, Moscow should be resubmitted to no longer to support the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. The Commission will submit by Monday for the implementation of the sanctions regulation texts. These should be approved officially on Tuesday by the EU ambassadors, if Russia does not sign for a turn at the last minute. Dutch experts to support their international counterparts in the investigation of the crash of flight MH17 in the East Ukraine and assist also in the search for possible other victims. On Friday evening, a machine started with 40 Dutch military police and 20 forensic experts of the police from the military airport in Eindhoven. They were not armed and should also not wear uniforms, so Prime Minister mark Rutte. The Netherlands does not exclude but an armed military action, if the protection of experts into the disaster area is not guaranteed. The Government in the Hague will decide this weekend. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) advocated swift sanctions against the Russian economy. After the death of 300 innocent people in the crash of MH17 and the unworthy activities of marauding soldiery at the crash site, the behavior of Russia’s leaves us no other choice, he says the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In Brussels, the preparations for entry into sectoral measures at high speed, ran Steinmeier stressed. So-called targeted sanctions against selected sectors of the economy. . For more data about this subject visit