Iraq: Holland Announces air strikes “in a short time.

French participation in strikes in Iraq to fight against the Islamic State was mentioned since the beginning of American bombing on 8 August, first dotted then more significantly more assertive way these days. The president of the Republic ruled Thursday. At its large half-yearly press conference, he announced his decision to respond positively to the ‘air support’ request made by Iraq with air strikes "in a short time. But he stated, "we go not beyond, there will be no troops on the ground and we intervene in Iraq" and not in Syria. "This morning I met with the Council of defence and I decided to respond to the request of the Iraqi authorities to grant air support", said the president of the Republic. French Rafale fighter planes perform already since Monday of reconnaissance missions in the Iraqi sky, but will therefore have to intervene. New reconnaissance flights took place Thursday, stressed the head of State, explaining that ‘first operations’ intervene ‘fast ‘. They might be willing to bomb at the end of the week the possible air intervention of the France was already raised on several occasions. On 9 August, day of first American bombing, in an interview with the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, François Holland not favoured this hypothesis more thinking of humanitarian aid, but had not excluded it. The day before, Barack Obama had authorized strikes against the jihadists. Friday, during his trip to Iraq, the head of State had informed the Iraqi authorities of the availability of France to contribute militarily to the operations. Asked about the reason for which the France lead not strikes in neighbouring Syria, which also operates the organization Islamic State, François Holland said Thursday that the regime of the ‘dictator’ Syrian Bashar al-Assad and "terrorist group" had "related party". "They trained each other and they have crushed precisely those who could represent the alternative," continued the head of State. On 10 September, through its Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, the France has indicated that, if it favored bombing in Iraq, "if necessary", it should take place not in Syria "in the same manner", focusing on assistance to ” moderate opposition Syrian. ” The president of the Republic has also promised a parliamentary debate. "Under the Constitution, the Parliament will be gathered from the first operations incurred, IE quickly. The Prime Minister will bring together presidents of parliamentary groups, the Senate and the National Assembly as early as next week. And a debate may take place within the assemblies,"he said. The French announcement was welcomed by the American Secretary of State John Kerry who put in place Monday, at a meeting in Paris a coalition that brings together Arabs and Westerners headed to ‘destroy’ the EIS. François Hollande warned however: "within the coalition, it is very possible that the Americans could decide of this operation, but we are very careful (to respect) of international legality. We are called by the Iraqi authorities, we are not called in Syria,"recalled the head of State. . Similar text can be read clicking page.

Poitiers: the hospital decides Titouan care stop.

Detailed rules for the accompaniment of end of life of the great Preemie of the CHU of Poitiers, which parents have claimed the judgment of care, have been defined by combining the family, announced Thursday the hospital in a statement. The State of health of the newborn has deteriorated these past hours and of accompaniment of end of life have been defined by combining the family, said CHU of Poitiers in a statement at the end of a collegial meeting of the medical team of the neonatal intensive care unit. The way to end of life medical decision-making was borrowed according to best practices, integrating an external opinion, an ethical opinion and a new collegiate team meeting. Throughout its support, collegial meetings very quickly led the medical team to exclude any therapeutic harassment based on clinical data of the newborn, explained CHU, pointing out that the opinions of the parents had been heard. Parents of the small Tom, born with a weight of 900 grams to 25 and a half weeks of pregnancy, or nearly four months before the end, had demanded the judgment of care for their child who above all, suffered a brain hemorrhage that can cause serious sequelae. Explaining their decision, Melanie and Aurélien reported not wanting a life of disability for their child. If there are families who so wish, we, we wish not, had told the couple of thirtysomethings, native of Charente-Maritime, who felt unable to manage it. READ ALSO! Similar facts can be inspected clicking article.

Independence referendum: That was the election day in Scotland.

The weather is Very much Scottish on the voting day. In Dundee, the city administration for the day of the vote thinks out a special service: voters are free driven to the polling station with a taxi in the rain. Also, those waiting in line at the polls get candy. Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland with around 150 000 inhabitants and is considered a stronghold of the Yes movement, which is for independence. The Government of the autonomous community of Basque country will take an example in Scotland for a possible separation from Spain. The regional Prime Minister, Iñigo Urkullu on the edge of an event confirmed we To want to go the way of Scotland, in the Basque town of Azcoitia. Also the Catalans demand their own referendum: we To want also vote Catalans, but Spain does not allow us, stands roughly on a banner that keeps a man before the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The Catalan regional government wants to hold a referendum on secession from Spain on November 9. The Central Government called the referendum illegal and assured she would take place in any case. The head of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Alex Salmond, has repeatedly stressed the referendum on Scottish independence have nothing to do with other countries. Scottish leader Alex Salmond said we can take our future into our own hands, after voting in his constituency in the strokes in the northeast of Scotland. Salmond argues for a detachment of the United Kingdom. We have the chance to build a more successful economy, but also a fairer society. Also the independence camp receives support at the last minute. Tennis star Andy Murray is expressed via Twitter annoyed about the negative campaign of the ‘no’-camp. The 27 year-old, who had taken a so far not clearly position on the referendum, speaks of a great day for Scotland and finished his Tweet with a Yes campaign slogan: let us do! The message of the popular athlete was circulated more than 12 000 times within a few hours in Twitter. Huge day for Scotland today! the outcome last days totally swayed my view on it excited to see few no campaign negativity. lets do this!-Andy Murray (@andy_murray) 18 September 2014 A few investors go into Great Britain again in hopes of Scotland’s remaining in the United Kingdom in the local stock market. The no camp lies just ahead in polls. The final result will be announced on Friday at breakfast time. The London selection index FTSE gaining 0.4 percent. Scottish companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the insurer standard life, which is more expensive to 1.5 percent each among the Favorites here. The British pound also continues its recovery rate and cost 1,6337 dollars. To the European common currency, it climbs even on a two-month high. A euro was 0,7875 pounds. Out of solidarity with Scottish independence advocates a man from the Northeast Spanish region of Catalonia went 2000 kilometers with his vintage up to Glasgow. I’m here to support the Scots and to say that we To want the right to a referendum Catalans, the world of the fireman PEP Pladeveya said. Three days the man went in its over 40-year-old small car type seat 600, with maximum 80 km/h from Gerona to get to Glasgow. Pladeveya and his car in the national colors of Catalonia are received in Glasgow from Scottish independence supporters with cheers. Pladeveya brochures on the subject of Catalonia is not Spain. Scotland has so far only partial autonomy within the British State entity. The proponents of independence, which should enter into force the plans according to 2016, are hoping for more economic prosperity and shorter decision-making processes. A yes vote would end the 307-year Alliance between England and Scotland. First results from the 32 ridings is expected early Friday morning. The ballots must be brought from remote islands such as the Outer Hebrides and Orkney partly by boat, airplane and helicopter for counting. A second test is in the capital city of Edinburgh. The SPD MEP Jo Leinen wants in the event of a vote for independence, enabling a seamless EU membership in Scotland. Scotland has now all the conditions, in the EU to be fulfilled, and I can not imagine, to place the country before the door, if it is for 2016 In fact independent, linen, who is a member of the Constitutional Committee in the European Parliament, in the Germany radio. I mean, it’s possible parallel to negotiations for the retention of membership in the EU. The uncertainty about the outcome of the Scotland referendum provides under pound investors on Thursday for restraint. In view of the last significant number of undecided voters is completely open whether the majority in favour of secession from the United Kingdom will vote or not, writes LBBW analyst Uwe prank in a comment. The pound, which has lost more than three percent since the beginning of September in the top listed on Thursday barely changed at 1,6273 dollars. Given the legal and economic uncertainty that accompanied a possible secession from the United Kingdom, would indicate that a ‘ yes ‘ to independence probably a shock for British financial values mean and lead to a significant currency weakness, warns Toby Nangle, head of multi asset at Threadneedle, in a comment. The German leading index rises to 0.34 percent in early trading to 9695 points. I believe Scotland can have the best of all worlds by staying in the UK http://t. co/XCceQquFMa #IndyRef #StayTogether pic. Twitter. com/2xxgKRrCNa-Richard Branson (@richardbranson) 18 September 2014 in an historic referendum the Scots vote Thursday for independence from Great Britain. One more time turned Scottish leader Alex Salmond on Wednesday evening public in Perth North from Edinburgh to his countrymen and swore it on their chance of a lifetime. US President Barack Obama pleaded Once again for Britain’s unity on the eve of the referendum. This is our chance of a lifetime, and we must seize it with both hands, called the independence advocates Salmond to his followers. Emotional words, Salmond led the Scots the chance in mind, to shape the future of their nation. This is the largest, most powerful moment any of us will ever have. . Similar text can be inspected checking

Conti and Bayer at the top: Dax increases significantly.

Except the referendum in Scotland, also start awarding long-term loans from the European Central Bank (ECB) on the European banks should be worth a look. The new injection of funds, however, encountered a considerably less interest than expected by economists. After this was known, the course of the Dax briefly subsides, is back on track. Wished the ECB to keep low the euro as desired, so it needs further monetary policy measures, wrote Thomas Gitzel by VP Bank in Liechtenstein. Bayer reports providing attention already before the start of trading. The pharmaceutical and chemical company wants to bring its MaterialScience plastics business on the stock exchange. The announcement missed their effect not: the dealer RIP In the morning to the Bayer stock, the paper gained 4.9 percent by noon. To contact the Bayer shares at the top of the Dax. To climb the highest level of the company’s history, in the meantime 111,80 euro also. . For additional facts about this subject check

Culinary Oktoberfest 2014: you absolutely must eat at the Oktoberfest.

Meat eaters will enjoy verily at the Munich Oktoberfest. Sausages, half chicken or pork chops Рall these dishes To find cakes also for tourists. But, what about the vegetarians and vegans? The sweet tooth and salad fanatics? For them, the Carnival offers enough culinary highlights. Here you To find our top 10 of the Oktoberfest dishes not to be missed. Fish cannot be missed at the folk festival. Especially the Steckerlfisch is loved. This is a fish grilled at the bar, a specialty in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps and Upper Austria, served mainly in beer gardens and festivals. For grilling, the Poles be tied down that located the fish. While they sizzle on the grill, they are painted again with butter or a marinade. Dumplings as an accompaniment to red cabbage and a roast pork knows anybody who ever stopped at Christmas time in Bavaria. Dumplings are a popular food throughout the country. Especially at the Oktoberfest, plentiful bread dumplings are sold and eaten. The Munich-based Kn̦delei, which exists since 1997, offers the most diverse dishes of dumplings. Because dumplings are since time immemorial allegory of Bavarian cuisine. At the stall, which looks like an oversized, old oven, there are liver dumpling soup, bread dumplings, potato dumplings, spinach dumplings, Kn̦delgr̦stl, Kaskn̦del and many more. Bon app̩tit. What on a Bavarian beer garden delicacies plate never forget? Just the Radi, in many parts of the country called radish. The root in the 13th century as a medicinal herb estimated was already brought in ancient times by the Romans over the Alps to Central Europe and grown there. Radish is also still Very much healthy: it stimulates the metabolism and the digestion and In addition it contains extremely A lot of vitamin C. serving Tip: plane the peeled radish into thin slices, sprinkle with salt and simmer for about 15 minutes. Then a little vinegar and cream admit, all mixed together and served as delicacies for dinner with a beer. Radish in a deep dish is served at the Oktoberfest Рchive bread with Obazda. . For additional facts on this topic check

Iguazú, the sister attacked in kicking and punching in the garage.

Letizia Laura Iguazú, the twin sister of Giuseppe Massimo Iguazú, the Carpenter in prison, accused of being the murderer of Yara Gambirasio, was brutally attacked in kicking and punching from strangers in the garage of his parents ‘ condo in Terno d’isola, in the province of Bergamo. According to il Corriere della Sera, the 43-year-old woman was attacked suddenly by three men who would be reckless about her with kicks and punches to the stomach until they lose their senses. The 43-year was then taken by ambulance to the emergency room of the Hospital of Ponte San Pietro where was medicated. The family does not release official statements on aggression but, according to the newspaper, other similar incidents against women, although less violent, they would have already occurred in the past and always with the same message insults against his brother in jail and threats to the family. The family law, the lawyer Benedict Mary Bonomo, doesn’t want to report other details about the incident except to confirm that "the situation is very tense" throughout the family of Giuseppe Massimo Iguazú. "One thing is the love for a relative, another is complicity in a crime" held to clarify the lawyer referring to allegations of complicity come on after the same Gladness Laura had claimed to believe firmly in his brother’s innocence. According to rumors of neighbors, the attackers would be entered through an emergency door remained open, then inadvertently aggression of three who called us names against "the killer Iguazú". The police are investigating the case but there is no certainty about the identity of the attackers. . For extended regarding this subject check

See chaos-Csm, Renzi: go fast to find high level solution.

In making entrance to Nazareth for the Secretary of Pd, Matteo Renzi answers a question about voting for the election of two constitutional judges and two members of the Csm, which continue today. The Prime Minister does not respond to names, but stresses the sharing of words of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. «Let’s see if in the next few hours or coming days will close the game both of the Constitutional Court that the Msm, "said the President of the Council.   And ninth black smoke also comes to the Msm that remains so stuck waiting to see completed its plenum. FI had tried to ask that the vote slip until reaching an agreement capable of withstanding the test of secret ballot, but the Presidents of the Chambers, as we learn, were adamant in not wanting to grant a reprieve. But if Pd and FI will fail to forge a real understanding not only with the majority, but also with the opposition, as if the League and will be difficult to overcome the bar of 570 votes. For additional on this topic read

Faced with the decision: What’s up, is blatant.

Alex Salmond is a folk hero. Anyway, for the approximately 250 Scots taking the thought leaders of the national movement in front of the Town Hall of his Heimatstädtchens in reception. It’s raining in torrents in Linlithgow. On the screen, someone about the politician believes, is: Scotland’s future in hands of Scotland! Salmonds blue-and white tie matches the Scotland flags around him. If not just a Prime Minister, hardly anything on the fate decision in Linlithgow in points this week. Yes-signs in the window, hang at the Salmonds in a Brown semi detached. In the neighborhood of a few, it’s. But the impression is deceptive: Scotland was perhaps never been politicized like in these days. The people are quite belligerent on the subject, says Jimmy Crease, host of the oldest pubs in Linlithgow. The referendum was a recurring theme, its guests were Jimmy pretty much half and half in Yes and no split, tells. This is consistent with the polls. The yes camp is noisy and want to be seen: posters in the Windows, stickers on the car, badges on the jacket. Kaledon Naddair is equal to five. We need to get rid of the rule from Westminster, says the expert of Celtic culture as London’s Government believe the country occupied as the English 700 years ago. The No. Sager, that head start have a few percentage points in most polls, are restrained. Typical representatives: Stuart Meldrum, which welcomes tourists in the Castle Church in Linlithgow. The elderly are more for no, he notes. He also? Stuart hesitates and then nods. If people know it doesn’t actually matter. No positive vision inspired him, he fears simply: Salmond promises so A lot. Who should pay for all that? Full of passion, Dick Rodgers, however, committed to the Union. Don’t go! He appealed to the Scots on the shield, which he carries through the rain. The Englishman was physician and pastor and now trying on their own to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom. To get to Edinburgh, the 67 spent the whole night in the coach. I want must not accuse me of, I would have done nothing, he said. . Main source may be found clicking the following

GP Wallonia: Van Avermaet shaped to ten days of global.

Belgian Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) won the Grand Prix cycliste de Wallonie (1. 1) in beating the French Tony Gallopin and another Belgian, Jan Bakelants, at the top of the Côte de la Citadelle in Namur, Wednesday. Subscriber to the places of honor (he notably took second place in the Tour of Flanders in the spring), the Flemish sign his first success this season, to 10 days of the World Championships of Ponferrada (Spain) where it will be one of the leaders of the team of Belgium. I was already very fit at the GP de Québec and Montréal a few days ago. This success gives me even more confidence, explained Van Avermaet. The Luxembourger Fränk Schleck triggered hostilities at 20 kilometers from the line in the coast of Lustin, blowing the peloton into several pieces. The leader Trek training brought with him the Belgians Jelle Vanendert, Greg Van Avermaet and Jan Bakelants while several riders, the French Roman Bardet, had been delayed by a fall within the platoon. The four fugitives, who have counted up to 40 seconds in advance, were joined under the Red flame but Van Avermaet found resources to place ultimate acceleration in the last 300 meters and ahead a few lengths Gallopin. . You should read this hyperlink to learn more about this amazing subject.

Online tobacco smuggling costs EUR 400 million at Bercy.

This widespread increase in the price of cigarettes in Europe therefore leaves the beautiful part in the parallel market. Many websites hosted abroad offer cheaper cigarettes up to 50%. Corporations are usually domiciled in Russia or China, where the packages at the least three times cheaper, or more in the case of smuggling. But impossible to know the exact weight in France of this online marketplace. "It is certain that this traffic is rising," explains to Figaro Serge Puccetti, Director of communication of customs. "But by definition, illegal flows are very difficult to quantify. Therefore I do not understand too what are based sponsors of this study to achieve the result of a shortfall of EUR 400 million. The customs, it is based on the only objective data available to it: the number of seizures. In 2013, 23 tons of tobacco were intercepted in parcels. A drop of water compared to the 430 tons seized all flow together (land, sea, internet). "But this is far from being marginal," notes Serge Puccetti. "Catches on parcel post are much more frequent and involve smaller amounts. For additional insights on this topic visit url.