Luxury cars and credit cards the crazy costs of Finmeccanica.

Goodbye, credit cards for fuel without spending limits. Farewell, beautiful Audi A8 and the BMW 7 series from 90. 000 euros paid by the company as a car service. Who knows Mauro Moretti knows that right now you are enjoying it like crazy. When he arrived at the railways passed to the electron microscope all expenditure items of the Executive team, achieving great savings first, and then by reducing in a couple of years the number of Fs manager from 1200 to 750.   Now that is CEO of Finmeccanica, the giant audience of defence and aerospace that lived difficult years between scandals and arrests, Moretti has left aside the microscope. To take a flamethrower, which is put to incinerate a series of ‘ bad habits ‘ of leaders of the Group and of the company that still today are part of the holding company. And that, to hear the manager’s projects, including a few months will be "many, many less». That many things did not go right in Finmeccanica knew it all.   And so, we have noticed that so far executives who were entitled to the service car they could choose what they wanted: Audi A8, BMW 7 series, Mercedes, Range Rover, and it also takes control of some Porsche Cayenne. All cars that cost almost 100 thousand euros. Not anymore: you will have to settle for a car from 35,000 euro, which is the one that asked for himself the CEO. Speaking of cars, fuel cards Executive provisions now have an annual spending limit of 1700 euro. Before there were people he could spend in a year of gasoline, tens of thousands of euros, which is the salary of a mid-level employee. Exaggerated, yet, the costs of participation in international events, such as the Farnborough Air Show in Britain. Finmeccanica once sent his expense even 800 people (an infantry regiment) to stay, to fly, to eat. In the year just ended were 250. Still, managers and executives are telling the company-at your own risk-if there are no providers ‘ by chance ‘ relatives and allies.   And the flamethrower of Mauro Moretti has just started working. In the viewfinder there are ‘ amazing ‘ expenses for offices abroad of the holding company, which, say the new tenants of Piazza Monte Grappa, "cost the iradiddio». Will then cut the 200 people of external relations and institutional sector: these functions such as legal, strategy, staff management throughout the group are centralised in Rome. Big savings are expected from the "allotment", i.e. by inserting within Finmeccanica companies today autonome (whose Directors have all been reduced to just three members).   An operation initiated by his predecessor, Alessandro Pansa, but that will be completed with fierce determination by Moretti to eliminate duplication and overlapping. And finally, gradually-as happened to railroads, maybe not in the same entity will be reduced drastically the number of managers. Now there are more than 2. 000, You can check this source to discover more on this great subject.

Concordia, getting ready for departure. G: we’ll sing only victory in Genoa.

-Getting ready for the start of the Costa Concordia from isola del Giglio. After postponements due to bad weather, yesterday came the go-ahead. And this morning, shortly after 6 am start control operations. The start of operations is scheduled for 8. 30. Today we put a point but we’ll only goal in Genoa, said the number one civil defense, Franco Gabrielli, arriving at the port. For the parbuckling I said that we had won the gran premio della montagna harder-stressed-today we are in front of the ‘ last mile ‘ written and we still do it. Only when we will sing victory in Genoa. And then ,. nonbisognerà turn off the spotlight. This is a piece of Italy, a piece of the world. I think anyway-he concluded-that this is a commercial for the country. Quiet Nick Sloane, the Director of operations of rigalleggiamento of the wreck: I’m good, the weather is good and the forecasts are positive, everything ok. But only once we are in Genoa we can relax, said before getting on the side that will take him to the control room to follow the ship moves from Isola del Giglio. And when asked if he will miss the island, responded: But I will return. Reporters who asked what was the saddest moment of the whole affair, Gabrielli recalled the case of Russel Rebello, the young Indian whose remains not yet been found. And the figure of Kevin, his brother, always friendly and helpful despite the tragedy. And the many divers who have tried, often beyond the safety limits, to find that body to give him a dignified burial. . You must check the following to read extra about this interesting topic.

RAID in Turkey: Erdogan makes arrest over 60 police officers.

More than 60 senior police officers are arrested in a major raid against suspected government opponents in Turkey. After searching more than 200 facilities in Istanbul was alone on television to see how the detainees in handcuffs were removed. Among other things, corruption and abuse of Office is accused of. Turkish media said a targeted strike against the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen. In the early morning there were raids in 22 cities of Turkey, at the same time the daily newspaper Hurriyet reports. Searches were also objects in the capital Ankara, Izmir and Diyarbakir. According to matching are spying, illegal phone tapping, document forgery, violation of privacy, forgery of proof of and the disclosure arrested the discovery information accused. According to the investigative target thousands of people should be been listened to, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, several Ministers and the Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan. Additional explosiveness receives the RAID by the upcoming presidential election on August 10, in which Erdogan choose wants to settle in the highest Office. His conservative Islamic party for Justice and development (AKP) carries out a power struggle with the movement of US exiled Gülen, will have many devoted and nationally even over a million followers especially in justice and police. On Monday night, Erdogan had announced in a television interview, to continue the fight against the Gulen movement without respite. Of the United States, he demanded the extradition of the preacher since eleven years ruling Prime Minister. I expect the United States, that they refer to the Gulen point position, Erdogan said. As former allies, Erdogan and Gulen had changed the political landscape of Turkey, which was for decades been shaped by secular governments and the powerful army. Because he was threatened by a process, Gülen defected in 1999 finally in the United States. He denies, however, to stand behind the allegations of corruption against Erdogan’s Government, and to have built a conspiratorial parallel state. . For extra information on this subject click

Concordia, Wednesday away from Lily to Genoa.

The Concordia ready to leave the Gang. Rigalleggiamento operations are completed satisfactorily. On the ship there a flag with the P: ready to go. The ship departs tomorrow morning, ready. Now there will be only steps to assess the maximum lifting we give to the ship, said Coast Manager for Concordia, Franco Porcellacchia. The official go-ahead and then at the start of the coast. The ship wrecked on the island of the Tuscan arciperlgo 13 January 2012 sailed to Genoa where will smatellata. The ‘ Blue Peter ‘, the flag that in fishing parlance means ship ready to go was hoisted on the highest part of Concord. Tomorrow morning our program involves the departure of Concord, said the Director of Nick Sloane. The Costa Concordia will be free and will proceed to Genoa. Hydraulic systems checks will start at 6 and 8. 30 will begin the first maneuvers. With regard to French concerns on concordia’s journey to Genoa, Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti reiterated that Italy has provided to France all information and guarantees about the last voyage of the ship. The last phone call with Minister S gol ne Royal I had Sunday, and I’ve provided all the information. We will watch that during the trip everything goes according to the requirements, he added. We did a preventive analysis of waters that we, cos no one can addebitarci any future possible responsibility that instead of others, said the Environment Minister. This first part is closed-continued-but don’t we lower our guard, we still have an important part of the work to be done, the transfer of the ship. We continue with this force, in the belief they could arrive Sunday by ship to Genoa. . Related information can be read visiting

Gaza: the node is, the political stakes are humanity.

We must impose an immediate ceasefire by all parties. You must to this end, the Israeli Government with all parties, including Hamas. Don’t understand Netanyahu, conditioned by the hawks in his Government. Understand the most sensitive sectors, if they still exist, of Israeli society, including the writer Abraham Yehoshua, interviewed yesterday by the Republic. It supported the proposal signed by 100 Nobel Laureates and artists to impose an immediate embargo Israel military, as was done against apartheid South Africa. Noticeable are the similarities between the two situations. Is not further tolerate a State in which millions of people are living under de facto occupation (also applicable to Gaza) excluded for years from all rights, including that to life. This is the political node that must be addressed. It should be returned to the Palestinians the dignity of human beings. Palestine belongs to the dignity and sovereignty of the State in all but name. You must locate and punish political and legal responsibilities to anyone guilty of crimes and human rights violations. And certainly cannot make exceptions for those who, like the Israeli political and military leaders for many years at the forefront in the violation of these rights and has always enjoyed substantial impunity. . Main source may be read clicking this reference.

IN PICTURES. The British press pays tribute to Prince George.

One is one, "George the first", the British press is gaga of his little prince. Not less than seven English dailies spent their one-his Royal Highness, which celebrates its 1 year this Tuesday, July 22. The Daily Telegraph wondered thus: "that offer a prince who has already a bull and three meerkats? The Daily Mirror retains the encounter between "George the First" and butterflies to the London Museum of natural history. The Times also lingers it on the butterfly the most famous baby in the world is trying to catch. The Daily Express wishes him a simple happy birthday. Surprisingly, The Sun, more big draw of the country, has snubbed the prince George. Prince George, third in the line of succession to the British Throne, breath – it is true – its first candle at a private party held by her parents, who invited friends and family close which, according to the British press, "The Queen" Elizabeth II. Attached to broadcast an image of normality, the royal couple wish a classic birthday for a child of this age, far from the flashes and cameras: cake concocted by MOM, presence of the family and including the great-grandmother and feast at home with relatives, understands the British press. ‘Gorgeous George’ grandfather, prince Charles, as well as his wife Camilla, travelling in Scotland, are however not part. . You should check the following blog to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

MH17: can the France still sell its Mistral to the Russia?

This is not the first time that the helicopter are evoked by a foreign country. Monday, the premier British David Cameron also referred to: frankly, it would be unthinkable in this country to carry out a command such as were the French. Earlier this year, the United States expressed their concern about this contract. We have regular and consistently expressed our concerns about the sale and we will continue to do so, said in April the Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland. In June, Barack Obama said that it would have been better the France to suspend the sale of the helicopter, while the Russia was trying to annex the Crimea. Monday evening, François Holland said the French position. Delivery of the first building, the Vladivostok, will take place in October. The market concluded in 2011, the boat is almost completed and is to be delivered in October, said the head of State at a dinner in Paris with the Presidential Press Association. The Russians have paid, he added, and in the event of renunciation, should we reimburse 1.1 billion euro. The delivery of the Vladivostok was already very advanced. Built in Russia and assembled in Saint-Nazaire, he is currently in the phase of sea trials. Almost 400 Russian sailors joined the Loire-Atlantic City June 30 to form at the handling of the ship by October. For the second ship, the options remain open. Will the remainder of the agreement be honored? This will depend on the attitude of the Russia, I say this very clearly. But at this point, there is no sanction decided that we would require to renounce. Half of the second Mistral arrived already at Saint-Nazaire. But it must be delivered in more than a year. Irony: it must be baptized by the name of Sevastopol, the main town in Crimea region annexed by the Russia. . You should check this to read extra on this great subject.

The health agenda study: energy drinks would encourage alcohol consumption.

Research published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research were inspired to previous studies showing that young adults attracted to this kind of cocktails tended more than drinking peers, according to Professor Rebecca McKetin, of the Australian National University. And would be more open to new experiences. His team has therefore recruited 75 participants aged 18 to 30 years for an experiment described as a party in a laboratory. During this evening, cocktails containing either 60 ml of vodka and Red Bull (Silver Edition) or 60 ml of vodka accompanied by sparkling water, both seasoned 200 ml of a fruity drink, served to participants. A test written (front and 20 minutes after the experience), a questionnaire and a breathalyzer punctuated the drinking. We found that when people combine alcohol and energy drinks, they have even more want to continue drinking when they do drink alcohol. It could mean that someone combining alcohol and energy drink might want more continue to drink that his friends concluded the researcher. Let us hope that volunteers will be many to volunteer for the next experience. . Similar facts can be inspected checking hyperlink.

Ronde and mobilization to Milanothe exclusive business reportage.

In the Venice area, Central station and viale Abruzzi for the first time aggressive traders of corso Buenos Aires, the adherents of the ASSCOOM Anti-mafia association, pensioners and young people put the pallets to consent for the Orange junta Pisapia. Hundreds of volunteers take to the field with volunteer patrols to report to law enforcement aspects of decay and lawlessness caused by the presence of thousands of immigrants, mostly Eritreans and Syrians ‘ tents in this neighborhood, left without assistance from the institutions. This is not racism, but of common sense. And also of piety towards an invisible people abandoned in the gardens of porta Venezia. Something has snapped in Milan from "heart in hand": is the start of Pisapia, a challenge to sweet and soft yet ,. or it is simply a provocation by a few rambo? Here are the voices and the reasons politicians of each color, of the volunteer pro rondistie refugees in an unusual initiative that lacerates Milan. Here is the community volunteer of Sant ‘ Egidio which offers tram tickets to refugees, here are the guys that displayed the phone number of the ronde on residents ‘ doors, exasperated, here’s the bartender that he rails against Milan to drink that has become the Milan from piss and. , Art and Chronicle: the writer Claudio Bernieri and the musician Luciano d’addetta offer a copyright report for the web, not to let the voices of the street without a worthy testimony. . For more facts about this matter read resource.

This iPhone 6 copy returns & apos; s to buy.

Popular Netflix video streaming portal in the United States is also in Germany on the air in September. The California company called the date when presenting their current business figures on Monday. At the same time launching Netflix in Austria, of Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Netflix has mixed up with his video streaming subscription television market in the United States and is there now on 35.1 million paying customers. Outside the United States, there are 12.9 million, mainly in Canada and Latin America. Netflix in Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia is already active in Europe. Netflix had announced the launch in Germany and other countries in may, without giving an exact date however. At the price of the subscription, the company is not expressed in business communication. Netflix is a month from 7.99 dollars (5.90 euros) in the United States. Thus, customers can watch full series and movies. The termination is at any time possible with a few clicks of the mouse. . Related text can be inspected clicking home page.