Beauty: 16% aesthetic interventions to remedy before operation.

Rome, 22 Oct. (Reuters Health)-it is not always good. In the field of aesthetic plastic surgery can happen that the intervention does not meet the patient’s expectations or that some unpredictable complication arises that makes it necessary to undergo a new retouching. According to the survey conducted by the Italian Association of aesthetic plastic surgery (Aicpe), in 2013 the secondary operations, performed to correct a previous gone wrong, were 16% of those performed aesthetic purposes, equal to 37. 884 interventions. Back in the operating room, patients have turned to the same doctor from which were operated for the first time in 31.1% of cases, while the majority (68 percent) preferred 9. opt for another surgeon. The relationship between the surgeon and patient who turns to him after being operated by others, is a delicate and difficult situation. The second intervention should be handled seriously and professionally to avoid creating problems for the first Surgeon, the second operator and, even more, for the patient, said Aicpe President, Mario Pelle Ceravolo. To properly inform patients and avoid unpleasant surprises or disappointments, Aicpe has developed a kind of vade mecum: plastic surgery-says the President of Association-is not a perfect discipline: despite being an objective medical science, acting on different individuals react differently to the same treatment. Even if one turns to a skilled surgeon, the result may not be optimal due to a particular patient’s tissue or, more often, exigent circumstances unforeseeable. The first Council of Aicpe, for doctors and patients, is to give more weight to informed consent, a document that brings the patient aware of the complications and risks inherent in the operation which is about to undergo. A consensus that explain exhaustively the risk of any intervention is a testimony to the seriousness on the part of the surgeon, says Pelle Ceravolo. So no exoneration of responsibility, but the testimony that he had accurately informed the patient. Second: in case of claim do not go to trial, as this usually ends up being disadvantageous to both sides. Find a settlement agreement is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid a long and costly proceedings for all, and its uncertain outcome, says the President. For patients not satisfied, the first option is getting rioperare by the same doctor: usually explains Ceravolo-Skin is the same plastic surgeon to propose a second corrective action, usually economically more advantageous conditions than would a new surgeon. If, for a variety of reasons, it is decided not to use the same doctor, you should choose a more professional experience, ensuring its capacity in handling cases already operated, with which to create a new relation of maximum sincerity and confidence. When you lose faith in a doctor and you decide to turn to another, you may not think that the last can perfectly solve all the problems and offer a magical solution: A second operation Ceravolo adds Skin-is always harder than the first, is like a tailor who must make again a dress cut badly earlier. If there was error must be recognized and the patient compensation of costs incurred and damage suffered. Between all the parties must, however, an honest relationship arise that will benefit both surgeons and even more so to the patient who may be assisted by new professional in the best way. . You must read the following to read more about this amazing matter.

Step back, step forward.

In another dimension n, Messi and Neymar know what means to observe as predestined characters. To or passed, that ahab with them, in the f sico and mental. Freed of the weight of the world, looking for its place in a large rebuilding n. The f Bar soccer is, today, m s ever f Messi soccer. There who say that it has always been that way, but we are not talking about goals or a n jer rquica issue. No. It is purely of the game. M of all of which means, in terms of dependence, having enjoyed the best player in the world in a way as regular, just so the game FC Barcelona have defined their midfielders. In the period of greatest splendour, the Guardiola era, that essence deposited in the tri angle formed by Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. All knew an c say, but Xavi was the b key veda, a genuine and essential part in the Organization offensive, because the attack also is organized. His absence and Rakitic input changes to the Bar, is undeniable. . You must read this to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Sublime Bavaria: only divine Gala, then the audience with the Pope.

Dream goals, pace, trickery – about the magical night of Rome with the highest away win of their glamourous European Cup history had to marvel at Bayern even a bit. "We were able to experience a game tonight, I would say almost steeped in history. "If we us in ten years, anyway, again meeting where we will remind us that evening", CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said shortly after midnight at his banquet speech in the eternal city. "A great event, a great achievement is to win 7-1 against one of the best teams in Italy,", he paid tribute to the scary clear notion. The night before some one in Rome had felt 7:1 (5-0) reminds of the DFB team against Brazil on the way to the final 100 days after the German World Cup triumph at that. Sure, there was "Parallel" to the result in the semi-final, admitted Lahm. "Both great games have been, but I thought now not in the game against Brazil with the national team, but simply on the evening we had," said Neuer. And "world-champion form" the Munich not found themselves well (yet). "That was certainly very good, but I don’t know if the term in the Champions League matches," explained Thomas Müller. In the second leg on November 5 in the Allianz Bayern going through could make perfect arena. After a 7-1, they lead the Group E as designated group winners with nine points against Rome (4), Manchester City (2), and ZSKA Moskau (1). "We’re first and have everything in hand. It is difficult are, that is getting us nowhere", emphasized new. "We are still early in the season. That sounds stupid, but there are still things improve", seals founded after the seven northwards to Europe the restraint. "This was a disaster for us to enjoy, for Rome but it’s just a game and it continues again", said seals and directed the focus quickly on the top of the League on Sunday when Borussia Mönchengladbach. . Inspirational facts may be found checking the following

Sweetie, the virtual child hunts paedophiles.

YOU don’t know, but when you go to bed at night Sweetie gets down to work. Sweetie, Sweetness. A 10-year-old girl from the Philippines. Sits in front of your computer and enter in chat: Hello, here I am, here I am. Hundreds, thousands of men seek. Hi sweetness, welcome back. What we do tonight, you like to play? Sweetie hypnotizes them with a smile, with gentle ways, with large eyes that look right in them. It does what the ask, undresses, satisfies them. Their trust in you. The send photos, videos, eventually their private contacts and phone numbers. Have no fear, is a girl. The hunters have them, she is the prey. Instead it seeks them Sweetie. For months, chasing them. Collects evidence, tracks, draws profiles. 750 000 adults each day sitting in front of the computer looking for a child or a child you have sex via the web, says the Fbi. 750 000 every 24 hours. Sweetness ten weeks has caught in his net a thousand and yesterday, in Brisbane in Australia, has brought one to court. The first. Scott Robert Hansen was sentenced to two years for having induced a minor to perform sexual acts. The judge wrote, in the sentence: it is irrelevant that the child is not real because if you believe that it is enough. It is irrelevant that Sweetness is an avatar. A perfect 3D reproduction of a 10 years old girl, created in the laboratory after months of work and animated by actors that relate with men who seek it as if it were real. Is true, if you think it is. In fact it can win a battle against people in flesh and blood. Virtual reality versus reality of one to zero. Sweetie, yesterday, she won. Its creators are researchers of Terre des hommes Netherlands. For ten weeks the four of them took turns at the console, responded to requests for adult men sex and they got from them-together with the trust dictated by the feeling of omnipotence and invisibility that can give you anonymity and the distance from a screen-filtered real personal data was evidence. Without violating their computers, without any makeup. Simply dismissing that materials sent voluntarily, at the invitation of our little girl in three dimensions, says one of the operators. Want to remain anonymous, explains in detail the mechanism and comes to a close as well: it is very difficult to sleep at night after having supported conversations like those we touch every day. I am haunted by nightmares. I am a thousand and live in 36 countries including dependants Sweetness has gathered conclusive evidence. 22 in Italy. 110 in Britain, police investigations in progress. . You must check this to read more on this great topic.

The Porto of Lopetegui leaves Athletic Bilbao almost out of the Champions League.

Athletic crashing again, but this time did not deserve to lose to Porto. The party had two distinct phases. A first part in which Porto, without being much higher, controlling the ball and the pace of the match and the second parte-sobre all start – where the Athletic complexes took off and came out very plugged in and have maintained the pace with which began the second period, perhaps were not talking about a defeat. Porto took advantage of their approaches and thanks to a good inside pass, Herrera ahead of Porto with what is called a psychological goal. Valverde made rotations. Etxeita in defense and especially William above. Young striker started as far right and Susaeta played by the left, though you Markel was long. the best of prime time by their mobility. He was driving the ball well, but it is atascaba at the time of launch failures and hanging balls. Valverde saw him and decided to give pause to Susaeta. He drew Muniain so it provide mobility and Benat so it pulled the faults. With the ’7′ in the field, Athletic had more depth and a link between the midfield-almost disappeared – and the ataqueUnos changes that worked,. only for some minutosLos changes had effect and Athletic was transformed. The first try was William, who showed that you can play ’9′, Aduriz was one of the replaced. On the second occasion, he got the tie. Beñat pass, William Fabiano faces and cross shot get a ranked which ends by encouraging athletic. More whole saw him physically and with dangerous approaches, so Lopetegui reacted and sent his team to advance lines to drown the Bilbao club. The Porto regained its pace, but Athletic was which handled the ball, but Valverde team was going to come up with the injustice of the football. At its best, Quaresma hunting a balloon on the front and with a seemingly harmless shot beat an Iraizoz which up until then had not granted any. Athletic fell arms, until the goalkeeper had failed. They had become to do and it was late for anything. The Basque team stays last of group with a point of possible 9. Mathematically it has options, but is virtually out and the only thing that can is fighting for the award less than playing the Europa League – which was a finalist in 2012-. The advantage that has the set of Valverde is that two of the three parties that have are in casa-ante port and Bate Borisov, but have to visit the Shakthar, output always complicated. The Athletic builds up 51 days without winning and his streak is worrying. San Mamés lost its status as infallible and in the Champions League has still not won. Just got it in the initial phase when it defeated – and eliminated – the Naples of the continental showpiece. In that time it has lost against Barcelona, Granada, Malaga and Real Madrid, Ray. He has tied against the Eibar and Celtic. In Athletic don’t want to even think about what happened to Villarreal and Celtic, who fell to second year they played the Champions League. There is still much competition ahead. For more information about this matter check

Champions League: Schalke stumbles to victory against sporting.

Under new Manager Roberto Di Matteo, the FC was shaking Schalke 04 for the first victory of the season in the Champions League. The Bundesliga from Gelsenkirchen came (1-1) hit on Tuesday against sporting Lisbon to a lucky 4:3 in stoppage time. The substitute Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting made perfect flattering victory with an unauthorized hand penalty (90 + 3). Previously met Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (51st), Chinedu Obasi (34th minute) and Benedikt Höwedes (60). At the end we were very lucky, normally you no longer win that Huntelaar said in the TV channel Sky. We have previously said that only the three points count. We emphasized Höwedes are all the more easier. As Nani (16) and Adrien Silva (64th/penalty/78) had shot out interim 3:3 for the guests, who had to play by the 33rd minute due to a yellow red card against Maurício in outnumbered. We have made much too easy it 3:1 the opponent after. We must not give away so that, said Huntelaar. And Aogo was also equal to two decisive scenes. First he headed the ball before 0:1 in an edge ball out. Joao Mario entered the corner flat and slow in the Middle, where the Schalker backs couldn’t. Nani turned the fastest and scored a slightly fake off Jennifer Ball the Schalker fullback Ralf Fährmann legs in goal. The Champions League winner by 2012 had classified the comparisons with Lisbon as perhaps crucial after the hitherto little exhilarating performance of the Royal Blues in the premier class with two points from the first two games. Realistically the Schalke fight for second place in the group behind the FC Chelsea – and appropriately motivated to start in the second 45 minutes. Höwedes shortly afterwards with a header to 3:1 increased, seemed like a preliminary decision. But just three minutes after his goal template for Höwedes joined the 19-year-old Ayhan of Kaan in the own penalty area André Carrillo on the foot – and Adrien Silva shortened by penalty 3:2. A mess in the Schalke defence enabled even the 3:3 the midfielder. As were all with a bitter draw resigned, took charge of the impartial to the horror which turned Portuguese penalty – and Choupo-Moting. . You must click the following web site to read more regarding this interesting subject.

The voter jealous mess with Obama: “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

U.s. President Barack Obama also must deal with jealous boyfriends. In this case, with those who, kidding, pretend to dislike the President’s proximity to his girlfriend. "Mr. President, not to touch my girlfriend!", it is in fact so directed a voter in Chicago to the tenant of the White House, becoming a celebrity in a matter of hours on sites and social media. The man, surely joking, he pretended to dislike the fact that at the polling station where Barack Obama was one of the first to cast vote in advance for the Congressional elections, his girlfriend had found to vote alongside the President. Obama, after the man’s sentence, without even lifting his gaze from the voting machine he immediately replied: "not Really I’m going". The girl at his side, smiling as embarrassed, apologised for the boyfriend, but Obama went on to joke: "at least you are back home with a story to tell to friends. You say I can’t believe what did Mike, is just stupid. But fortunately the President was kind, then that’s OK. " The friendly exchange of banter between the voters and the President was picked up by the cameras and Obama, when leaving the polling station, he stopped to give a kiss on the cheek to the girl, joking again: "now your boyfriend will really jealous". Cnn has broadcast the video with the title "presidential Triangle to a seat of Illinois". . For additional data on this matter check blog.

Roma-Bayern from 20.45 follow the direct question, Maicon ready Torosidis.

Maturity examination for the team led by Garcia: arriving at Bayern’s Olympic Pep Guardiola, and formerly of round Benatia. If you win the Rome scavalcherebbe the Germans leading the group, and the fourth round would become a goal no longer impossible to achieve. The Trident of Garcia against the wall by Guardiola. The test also applies to reach 100 goals in Champions share. But the match of the Olympics offer to another. The return of former midfielder Pep giallorosso (for six months) and before becoming coach from palmares fantastico (14 titles in 4 years and 4 Bar in first year in Munich), to Benatia, former Defender romanista as Garcia does not deserve even the quote because I speak only of my players, and also that of De Rossi whoAfter 3 and a half years, replay into Champions. And we’ll see before Totti the parade of reigning world champions, from Lahm to Mueller, from Neuer to Goetze and Boateng. The latest news from the locker room report doubt on Maicon, who allegedly accused a knee problem: pre-alarm Torosidis in there. Roma hosts Bayern Munich in the European Cup Classic for the third time in the Cup winners ‘ Cup: 1984/85 was 2-1 for the Bavarians in the 2010/11 Champions League revenge and yellow team to 3-2. Including two earlier clash Bayern, Roma received 13 times German clubs in European competitions, with budget-to your favour-of 8 WINS, 2 draws and 3 defeats. in the last 11 outings the giallorossi have always scored, for a total of 21 goals. In 18 challenges in Italy, in the classic European cups, Bayern has a budget of 6 WINS, 3 draws and 9 defeats. in the last 11 trips in our country the Bavarians have always scored, for a total of 19 goals, with the last fasting dated October 19, 2004, 0-1 in Turin against Juventus. The Rome does not suffer goals in official matches, from 278 ‘: last goal immediately from Musa al 82 ‘ di Roma-Cska Moscow 5-1 on 17 September last, Champions. De Rossi, if falls on the pitch, would cut the finish line of the 39 appearances in Champions giallorosse and isserebbe-solo-in second place of the all-time pluripresenti of Roma in Europe’s top competition, pulling Panucci to 38. . For additional insights about this matter click

United States: who is Darren Deon Vann, serial killer alleged Indiana?.

The alleged killer met Afrikka on-site Backpage. com, mainly used by prostitutes to meet potential customers. A matchmaker to facilitate meetings between the women and their clients had sent a message to the victim in order to ensure that all was well. Receiving no response, he therefore went to the Motel and discovered the body of the young woman. It was he who had alerted the police. Gary police said Darren Vann met at least another victim via this site. Divorced from Maria Vann in 2010 after 15 years of marriage, they had ceased to live together as early as 2000. She said to the Chicago Sun-Times that he had left the Navy honorably and had odd jobs in Texas upon his return. The couple had no children and Maria, 29 years old said more than him, no longer be on the same wavelength as Darren who liked out in club with his friends. Shocked to learn that he is involved in the murders of seven women, she confessed to the newspaper not having heard of him since 2008. The son of Maria has stressed meanwhile that Vann was a strange, weird man.   . For extra on this subject read homepage.

Moscow, plane crashes into a snowplow: Total ceo dies De Margerie. Putin: he was a true friend.

-Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences for the death of De Margerie. According to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, Putin praised the entrepreneurial qualities of de Margerie and its contribution to the development of relations between France and Russia. Putin also sent a telegram of condolence to French President Francois Hollande saying that she was distraught over the death of the Ceo of Total, which the Kremlin leader a prominent businessman who was at the origin of many of the major joint projects, laying the groundwork for a long-term fruitful cooperation between France and Russia in the energy sector wrote Putin in a telegram. -The private jet he was travelling on the number one Total at the time of takeoff. The Total Group confirms with great and profound sadness that his Managing Director Christophe de Margerie passed away last night shortly after 22 (Paris time) in a plane crash at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow, following a collision with a snowplow-said the company in a statement-all passengers on the plane were killed, including three crew members and Christophe de Margerie. It is instead survived the snow thrower driver. The Vnukovo airport, one of three international airports of Moscow, stated that at the time of the crash visibility was about 350 meters. The incident was triggered an investigation by the Intergovernmental Committee for aviation, which investigates all air accidents in Russia. -The head of the press service of the airport of Vnukovo, Elena Krylova said that on-board recorders are in good condition. The dynamics of the incident would have been atrocious: there was time to get down to the people in the cab. After the collision with the snow machine, the aircraft caught fire, but no explosion occurred. The driver of the vehicle, is alive, and also severely wounded and is now in a State of shock. The doctors after patient controls, have determined that the driver was intoxicated. According to the Inquiry Committee this is a part of the possible causes, together with an error of air traffic controllers. . You must read this weblink to discover extra regarding this great topic.