Egypt, found other decapitated corpses 4. In Iraq the army further North again.

The Sinai Peninsula is the scene of violence again committed by jihadist groups. After the video spread a few days ago with the beheading of four hostages-accused of being Mossad spies-in the last 48 hours have been found decapitated corpses 4. The sources of workplace safety. A real escalation of terror carried out by Ansar al Bayt al-Maqdis that is turning into a hunt for spies. Bring feet at night of checkpoints to hunt down those who consider ‘ collaborators ‘ army-qualified sources reveal ANSA-Have already killed at least 10 chiefs, while hundreds of families were forced to leave their homes fearing the wrath of the jihadists, adds the source. Last night in clashes between militants and Egyptian armed forces six militants of the jihadist group were killed in Rafah. Ten more, according to security sources, are detained. The firefight, according to state media, is started after Egyptian forces raided a hideout where the militants were gathering. Other fighting front is to the Golan Heights where Syrian troops and Islamic fundamentalists fighting close to the Armistice line with Israel. While the United Nations carry out initiatives to free the peacekeepers captured 43 chaos at the gates of the Jewish State follows a barrage of gunfire and mortar shelling in territory controlled by Israel, whose authorities are in a State of high alert and ordered the slaughter of a drone on Sunday. Several mortar rounds fell near the border of cease-fire, while the fighters faced each other with rockets, mortar and tank rounds near the Quneitra crossing point, which the rebels linked to al Qaida have captured last week. In Iraq continues advancing army forces, who after having freed yesterday the town of Amerli, re-took control of today not far city of Suleiman Beg, in the North of the country. The spokesman said anti-terrorist command, Sabah al Numan, adding that 23 jihadists Chechens were killed in the fighting. Suleiman Beg, about 180 miles north of Baghdad, in Salahuddin province, 11 weeks ago had fallen into the hands of ISA. Outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al Maliki, arrived today in Amerli, Turkmen Shiite city, where he met with some leaders of the security forces. The Iraqi news agency Nina reported, adding that Maliki has incited the fighters in Amerli to liberate Mosul, now the country’s second largest city, in June of this year fall into the hands of jihadists. condemnation by the UN. Words of condemnation against the Islamic State come back even by the United Nations. In Iraq the Is is making unimaginable acts of inhumanity-complaint the Deputy Commissioner to the UN for human rights Flavia Pansieri, as reported by the Bbc. killings, sexual violence, slavery, forced conversions, are some of the atrocities committed by jihadists, according to u.n. information. . Additional information can be found reading

United States as a new exporter: oil for the world.

Sometimes, an oil tanker can To write history. The BW Zambesi expired on the evening of July of 30 from a port in Texas City and made his way to South Korea. The ship had not refined oil valued at $40 million in the belly. It was the first time that the United States exported oil in foreign countries, that was not previously been processed at a refinery for gasoline or similar products since the 1970s. The export ban on crude oil, which is contrary to the American ideal of the free market basically, should protect the country after the oil crisis of the 1970s from a lack of energy. in 1973, the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) had throttled the flow because Arab countries wanted to put the West in Israel politics under pressure. But that’s not enough of the American oil industry, she wants to sell more oil in the world, and not just little edited condensates, but possibly normal crude oil. Because unlike in the 1970s the United States have of them currently in abundance. The reason for the boom is the controversial fracking environmentalists fiercely criticize, because water and chemicals into layers of rock are pressed to gas and so-called tight oil, oil so bound, which push. Before the tight oil revolution, people have thought that the oil supply would decline with a long-term perspective, but now it is booming, said Peter Jackson, who heads the Department for the analysis of oil and gas exploration in the Recherchehaus of IHS CERA. This is to make the markets. It will substantially change the trade flows. This has an influence on the direction of exports in the world, it will change it from West to East, such as China. Countries so far mighty OPEC as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, that export primarily to the United States, have to find new buyers for its oil and gas. Foreign policymakers fear or hope – depending on your point of view–to the United States from its role as world policeman to adopt more and more when they are less dependent on energy imports. However, the proposal to lift the export ban, opposition pushes. Above all democratic politicians in the Congress in Washington fear that the price of gasoline at the pump would rise with the oil. This is a sensitive issue for voters. The consulting firm FTI Consulting has found recently in a survey that 53 percent of voters against the exports are. According to a study of the price of gas exports would be reduced but even by IHC CERA. If it was flowing in more American oil in the world market, oil prices certain global on the exchanges would decrease and consequently the figures at the pump. Free trade would stimulate the economy, the export ban will not do justice to the new oil boom, said IHS Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin. It is a holdover from a bygone era. . Original data can be read reading the following

Series A: opening defeats for Klose and Gomez.

Gomez and the Fiorentina lost 0:2 (0:1) runners-up AS Roma on Saturday. Defending champion Juventus of Turin opened the new season in the Italian Football Championship with a safe 1-0 (1-0) win at Chievo Verona. For Milan, which made perfect on Sunday, the loan of striker Fernando Torres from FC Chelsea for the next two years, the Japanese Keisuke scored Honda after preparation of the long-injured Stephan El Shaarawy early leadership (7 minute). The Ghanaian Sulley Muntari (56th) and the Jeremy Menez via penalty (64th) from the French champions Paris St. Germain increased. Milan’s Brazilian Alex made the goal with an own goal (67th), Lazio’s Antonio Candreva missed a penalty in injury time. Klose was substituted in the 59th minute, could defeat but nor the Fiorentina with Vice-champions AS Roma prevent such as striker Mario Gomez. We played a bad first half and were too scared, Florence criticized ‘ coach Vincenzo Montella. In his first competitive match from the outset, Gomez remained for more than five months without real scoring chance. . Related text can be inspected reading

Success against terrorist militia: Iraqi army breaks through IS siege of Amirli.

Amirli – has penetrated the Iraqi army in the northern Iraqi town of Amirli after two months siege by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The town was liberated Sunday from the grasp of the terrorist militia after heavy fighting, the Iraqi youth Minister Jassem Hamad announced. The Iraqi General Kassem Atta confirmed military success likely therefore however continue the battles in the region. Fighting IS the Kurds currently slowly recover ground. According to a spokesman, the Kurdish Pesh units advanced on Saturday on the town of Zumar, in the North of Iraq. Should we be able to control them, that would help recapture the Rabia and Sinjar regions of IS, he said. To stop the rise of the militia, US forces raiding the IS since August 8. On Sunday night, the Federal Government has decided also to provide tens of thousands of weapons the Kurdish fighters. The United Nations accused IS in the Iraq and Syria to commit brutal war crimes and crimes against humanity. So IS militias would in their territory to deter publicly executed regularly captured and forcing children to watch. . For extended information regarding this matter read page.

That fall will be: taxes and reforms on the agenda of the Italians On 1 September has always been a symbolic date which indicates the resumption of activity: to understand how the last quarter of 2014, Il Sole 24 Ore on Monday presents the agendas of politics, of public debt, the implementation of the reforms, along with most themes out for the bag, taxes, homeowners and tenants. For the latter, in particular, we will be dissolving the rebus of new taxes as Tari and Tasi, while financial markets will face the stress tests for banks. The rooms, however, they face institutional and electoral reforms, but must also deal with the new rules for work and for public administration. Employment, the province hires by province employment continues to be the most serious problem, not only for Italy but also for Europe as a whole and the United States. In the Monday, September 1, Il Sole 24 Ore presents the ranking of hiring expectations in Italian provinces, comparing the data with those of 2013 2014. To report, in addition to the painful confirmation of many negative signs, the areas where there may be a leak or an awakening in the supply of jobs. The master guide of Italy on paper and online In Italy or abroad? In the same subject area or degree in a different? Scholarships or loans of honour? To these and other questions aims to answer the practical guide master at newsstands Monday, September 1 with the Sun 24 hours. For the next academic year the master departing are over 2 thousand: an extensive choice for those who want to deepen their training after undergraduate studies or update work experience already gained. In the six pages of practical guide find space recommendations for choosing the winning master on the labour market, information on grants, loans and tax deductions, with pages for each subject area on the most interesting opportunities, In Italy and abroad. A complete guide to Master a special online section on the website of the Sun 24 hours, with access through a search engine at all courses offered by universities and private institutions and schools of excellence. A targeted search by province, for faculty and for the subject, with the detail of the level, costs, scholarships and the number of seats available, and the results of labour market placement. Included a focus on courses that release a title recognized abroad and about programming of telematic University. Savings: How do family & and how much you save with E-readers save & cover family is dedicated to digital reading. A phenomenon that is gradually gaining ground in our country. Many now prefer to buy an e-reader that can download a large number of books at significantly lower cost than the equivalent paper. The advantages of this method are evident not only in terms of lower cost, but also of space. The e-reader is quite diverse as well as the ability to purchase online: the investigation of Family Savings & takes stock on the e-reader and the various offerings: what they are, how much they cost, offers, features, advantages and possible disadvantages. Also focus on virtual libraries, from Amazon to Ibs. . Root source can be studied visiting the following

Television, the season starts with the role of talk shows.

ROME-Talk show at the starting blocks. Ready to invade and television listings. And to compete for guests, interviews, exclusives. Sharing tv season and topical issues will be the focus of discussion on major networks. Privileged insights, justice and school reform, the finance law, privatisations, in other words the complicated list of to-DOS to the Government table Radio, as well as the recession, the challenges of the Italian semester of Eu Presidency, the international crisis. Playing in advance, fourth grade sharing with Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Viero on Retequattro on 5 September (the same day it debuts in late evening on RaiTre Slangdi Gerardo Greco, with stories of young Italians in search of the American dream) and Riccardo Iacona, who returns on RaiTre with Presadiretta inquiries in the original location of the Sun, from 7 Septemberto pass at the end of the cycle the baton to Reportby Milena Gabanelli. But it is Mon 8 September that he officially in March the platoon of talk show on Retequattro starts in prime-time fifth column with Paolo Del Debbio, while on La7 Diciannoveequaranta debut, the pre-tg Floris modelled on the Fact of Enzo Biagi, and the new edition of Otto e mezzo with Lilli Gruber. Monday 15, instead, back Piazzapulitadi Corrado Formigli, always on La7. Tuesday, September 9 Bruno Vespa reopens in late evening the door-to-door Lounge: this year three weekly appointments, because on Monday there are reports of Petroliodi Duilio Giammaria. A week later, on 16 September, the spotlight turns on in primetime on the challenge perhaps more waiting: the new Ballaròdi Massimo Giannini, with less studying, more services, and investigations, against Giovanni Floris Dimartedìdi, which aims to renew the equipment of talk but not giving up two points: the cover of Maurizio Crozza and Nando Pagnoncelli polls. Thursday, September 11 on RaiDue back Virus-infection of ideas with Nicola Porro: new study, more room for current issues and less on talk. But for the direct challenge with Michele Santoro wait on 25 September, when public service re-starts on La7. September 11, always on Channel 5 in the late evening, back Matrixcon Luca Telese. On Friday 3 October from La7 on coupled Crozza-Mentana: the gaze of Genoese comedian on current and target. Main data may be studied visiting the following

Ebola, the epidemic is growing Concern by the EU.

Concern over the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa, but also an appeal not to isolate countries affected by exercising the necessary controls and following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (who). It’s how they write the leaders of 28 Countries in the draft conclusions of the European Summit. WIDENS The EBOLA EPIDEMIC-a first Ebola patient was identified in Senegal. This is a young man from Guinea who was quarantined. This was announced by Health Minister Awa Marie Coll Seck, in Dakar. CRISIS is NOT ONLY HEALTH BUT more SYSTEMIC-the magnitude of the crisis caused by the spread of the ebola virus in Africa went beyond humanitarian and health sector and has become systemic in that it touches fundamentals of society. And risks undermining that achieved so far in African countries. So Eu sources, explaining that the entire structure of the countries affected by the virus is endangered, from agriculture to trade to food. Hence the call for more funding from the international community and not to isolate the affected countries. Who: more than 120 DEATHS AMONG MEDICAL STAFF-the epidemic of Ebola virus in West Africa is unprecedented even for the high percentage of doctors, nurses and other health professionals hit: to date, more than 240 professionals have developed the disease in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and more than 120 have died, says the World Health Organization (who) in a press release. Among the factors that may explain the high percentage of infected medical personnel, who mentions the lack of means of individual protection or their misuse, the shortage of medical staff for an outbreak of that size and compassion that motivates physicians to work in isolation wards beyond the number of hours recommended. For the who, the heavy toll paid by health care professionals in this epidemic has also consequences further hampering efforts to fight the virus. IN 38 YEARS, BEN 27 EBOLA EPIDEMICS-the explosion of cases and deaths caused by this year’s Ebola hemorrhagic fever has no comparison with 23 outbreaks caused by the same virus from 1976 to date in Africa. These 38 years the deadly virus hit ten African countries, infecting more than 5. 000 people and killing more than 3. 000. Approximately half of the cases and deaths are concentrated in 2014 and in the four countries currently struggling against hemorrhagic fever: Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. In none of them the virus had never appeared so far. Broken out in Guinea in December 2013, is the most severe ever recorded. The affected countries are Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. On August 8, the budget was $ 961 dead. Card STUDIO treatments-there are at least three medications and a vaccine against Ebola, developed with contributions from the u.s. Department of Defense, which gave good results in animal tests and might enter quickly into clinical testing phase. . Main facts could be read checking this fact.

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, D’haene and Bosio are doubled.

Double double Queen the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. At 14. 11 today, under a blazing sun, after 168 km and 9. 600 metres, the Frenchman François D’haene crossed the finish line alone after a first win in 2012. At 16. 55 Rory Bosio, the American defending champion 2013, passes the finish line after 23 hours, 23 minutes and 20 seconds of the race. D’haene in 8:11 pm. 44 has made a record that will remain a point of reference, approaching the symbolic bar of 20 hours of riding. Despite the apparent domination of the race, the athlete confessed to have lived a really back-breaking test. First of all due to the conditions encountered at the start of the race, on the evening of Friday, when dense rain has poured on the trails, making them hardly passable by the crowd of runners. We could go even faster, but at certain points it was impossible to run-explains the winner-Affondavamo in the mud, the supports were very unstable, we were drenched and. , But François D’haene has especially faced the lunges of only two athletes able to accompany him on the edge of miles, her team mates Salomon, the Spaniards Iker and Karrera Tofol Castaner. In turn, each of the two attempted to shake the primacy of French runner rangy 28 years. In Courmayeur, after 77 km, Iker Karrera gave a strong acceleration in the race: I have endeavoured to reduce the gap, procrastination. I wasn’t in bad shape, but I thought that we were not that at 80 km, and that was still a beautiful stretch of path tells François. Inseparable, head trio remained together through the night. In the early morning, with the return of a dry climate and soothed by a nice night spent together, the commitment of François D’haene led off: If I wanted to make a difference, was at Champex or La Fouly I had to try. Because the rest of the track makes it difficult to create a posting. A strategy that paid off, adopted at The Foulie (km108). A stride that stretches, opponents that yield, and victory is on the horizon for the grower who lives three years in Beaujolais. The distance between us was minimal, the victory we really played recognizes François D’haene. To Vallorcine (149 km), the gap of 35 minutes between the French and Spanish duo who made common front, it seems irreparable. It will be up to the Place du Triangle de l ‘ Amitié de Chamonix. Iker Karrera, visibly more Tofol forces Castaner, didn’t want to break the association with the countryman, and waited at the top of the Flegère. The two men conclude hand-in-hand tie in second place. François D’haene signing this season, the second victory in a race of Ultra-trail ®, after that of Mount Fuji (Japan), at the end of April. With his triumph at the Grand Raid de la Réunin, at the end of 2013, François becomes an uncontested master of long distance. . You should visit the following to read more regarding this great subject.

On the swing with,. Amira El Sayed: Suppressing is even.

Amira El Sayed was born in 1991 as a daughter of an Austrian and an Egyptian in Innsbruck. Because she feels at home in both countries, and political events in Egypt relate to her family, she wrote a personal book about the Arab spring and its history. But above all, El Sayed is actress. After drama school, she was on stage, but now the film is first of all, and because she has landed a direct hit right: straight was the 23-year-old for Tom Tykwer with Tom Hanks in a hologram for the King in front of the camera said. This is so to speak, the history of the Egyptian revolution. I am Egyptian and Austrian. My father comes from Egypt, and as a student, he was one of the young revolutionaries. There were many student riots in Alexandria and Cairo. By the spectacle and the work with myself I started to investigate: where does my family, and how it was actually in the 60s, there were always headscarves in Alexandria? I have found images of hippies, women with open hair and this beautiful Perm (laughs). The cinema was also greater in Alexandria. It has changed a lot. Yes! Because it informs. The greatest change in Egypt is that the people were previously silenced and speak now. When I asked my grandmother as a child about our President, then she did not respond. In her At home! Even suppressing himself. And now everyone, speaks and everyone has a different opinion, which is too bad, because there is no agreement, but I see already a step forward. However, it will take Very much long time until democracy is reached, which we hope. Definitely not! Once I’m been pointed out in a public park by three guards in uniform, I mean should cover arms. I was wearing a tank top, what should be normal in the Park. I’ve been such a riot! I told that to arrest me, that I would like to see black and white, that it is prohibited, because it is not forbidden. It is this we suppress all of us Each other and pretend as if. But this is no law! Lying on the beach. Or go to the Lake, sitting in the Café, I’m very Viennese. Sit outside and read the newspaper. . Similar data can be read checking

Landtag election in Saxony: last Black-Yellow Coalition might fail.

In the Landtag election in Saxony, this Sunday, the failure threatens the last Black Yellow coalition in Germany because of the blatant weakness of the Liberal. The CDU under Minister-President Stanislaw Tillich will remain while strongest political force clear according to the polls, the coalition partner FDP but fail at the five percent hurdle. Euro-critical AfD will move for the first time according to these forecasts, after her success at the European elections in may in a Parliament. This will succeed may again also the right-extremist NPD. Force the left should be strongest, followed by the SPD, which makes hopes for a new edition of the ruling until 2009 black red coalition. According to the polls, a black red coalition would have a whopping majority. But a coalition of CDU and AfD that Tillich is not explicitly ruled out would be possible. He draw that Alliance not taken into consideration, but he recently said in a newspaper interview. Speculation is also presides over a black green coalition, currently in Hesse. At the end of the election campaign, the parties Once again mobilized their voters on Friday. For the CDU, Angela Merkel wanted to come to Dresden and Annaberg-Buchholz. We advertise today Once again for clear conditions in Saxony, without extremists in the new Parliament, said CDU General Secretary Michael Kretschmer of the DPA news agency. The SPD linked the campaign end with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the EU enlargement. To do this, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Poland’s ex-Prime Minister Leszek Miller were invited beside former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. The left sent again the Bundestag Group Chairman Gregor Gysi and the party leader Katja Kipping in the race in Dresden. But 61 percent of all voters are sure first whether and whom they choose. The participation is questionable. The August 31 was controversial as the election date because could in Saxony, then go the holidays to end and be the number on Sunday on his way home. A low turnout is usually party like the NPD in the cards. The decision of the CDU and FDP, to move the election campaign during the holidays, was politically negligent, said Green candidate Antje Hermenau. As many Democrats should do vote so that there is no place for Nazis in the Landtag. The Greens and FDP ended the election campaign already on Thursday and were optimistic, to be represented in the Parliament. Also AfD candidate Frauke Petry showed themselves. I think that we will reach the 7 per cent in any case, she said the DPA. Left party leader Rico Gebhardt called the election campaign during the holidays a tremendous challenge: that is why we have already passed away, where the people are To find. Linke, SPD and AfD had traveled even at the Baltic Sea, to reach visitors from Saxony. . You must check the following blog to discover more on this amazing subject.